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Eaton 5P1550GR-L UPS Review

The Eaton 5P1550GR-L UPS, designed for SMBs, is a high-efficiency 1U Uninterruptable Power Supply that provides 1100W/1550VA of battery backup for up to six outlets. At 1100W, the device can easily protect networking equipment, storage devices, servers, and multiple workstations from succumbing to fatal power issues and going offline which would ultimately result in a huge financial blow to the company. Also, as with every UPS, it provides surge and spike protection.

What makes this UPS especially interesting is its Lithium Ion (Li-ion) battery implementation, designed to better align with support contracts on systems that require a UPS with a 5-year service plan (vs. the 3-year lead acid battery service life issue) as part of the package. In addition, it also has a smaller footprint with a higher energy density than lead acid. The tradeoff here is cost. Obviously with Li-ion there will be a price increase when comparing them to the traditional lead acid batteries. With the extended lifespan, TCO is expected to be lowered and though the initial investment may be higher, you may end up saving money in the long run. Either way, for users looking for the aforementioned benefits, this is the way to go.

Eaton 5P1550GR-L Specifications

Topology Line-Interactive
Configuration Rack
Catalog Number 5P1550GR-L
VA Rating 1550 VA
Dimensions HxWxL: 1.7 x 17.2 x 21.8 in
Weight: 34.7 lbs.
Warranty 5-year
ROO/RPO Rear deck emergency stop connectors (for remote on/off and power off)
Electrical Input
Connection C14
Input Voltage Range 208V: 160-262Vac; 230V: 160-294Vac
Nominal Voltage 230V (G models): 200/208/220/230/240V
Frequency Range 60 HZ: 47-70 HZ; 50Hz: 56.5-70Hz
Input Power Factor 1
Electrical Output
Nominal Voltage 230V default (200/208/220/230/240V)
Receptacle (6) IEC-320-C13
Wattage 1100W
On Utility Voltage Regulation 230V: 184-256Vac
On Battery Voltage Regulation -10%, +6% of nominal
Frequency Tolerance ±0.1Hz
Battery Description Sealed, lithium-ion battery module (LiFePO4); maintenance free
Battery Rating Online: 113, Battery 714
Extended Battery Capability None
Start On Battery Cold-start enabled; first cold start is always forbidden
User Interface LCD graphical display, UPS status in a single view
LEDs 3 status-indicating LEDs
Communications Car Slot Relay-MS (optional); Network Card-MS (optional)
Power Management Software Eaton Intelligent Power Manager
Environmental & Standards
RoHS Compliance Yes
Audible Noise <45 dB at 1 meter (3000 VA: < 50 dB at 1 meter)
Operating Temperature 0 to 35°C (32°F to 95°F)
Relative Humidity 0-95% non-condensing
Altitude Up to 10,000 ft (3000m) without de-rating

Design and Build

The Eaton 5P1550GR-L is a thin, sleek 1U UPS that can be installed in a server rack or mounted on a wall, making it easily blend into any equipment closet or workstation environment. The unit is delivered with a 4-post rail kit and extra wall-mounting ear, so installation should be fairly straightforward. Similar to the 5PX UPS models, the front of the unit features one large grated vent in the middle to act as an airflow system for cooling purposes. The LCD control panel is located on the right-hand side. The LCD display provides several health indicators, efficiency and load group information, and the current status of the load/equipment, operation, and battery.

Internally, you’ll find the hot-swappable battery pack. You’ll need a few tools to remove and replace the battery module, but it’s still simple and can be done in a few quick steps. Just remove the front grill, unscrew the bracket, remove, replace.

Turning the unit over, you’ll find all of the power and connectivity options, which is quite a lot for a 1U. Starting from the right, the first three outlets are the programmable outlets that users can set to surge and/or battery protect, and next to those are three more outlets which are standard backup outlets. In the middle, you’ll find an RS232 and USB communication port, which can’t be used simultaneously. Between the outlets and the communication ports is where you’ll locate the connector for ROO(remote ON/OFF), which allows users to remotely switch the 5P1550GR-L on or off, or RPO (Remote Power OFF) control, which can remotely shut down the 5P1550GR-L when the contact is open and can be used for shutting down the load and the UPS when temperatures reach a certain point. Finally, on the left side is the fan, a slot for an optional communication card, and the power outlet.

Runtime varies based on load, where at peak power draw the 5P1550GR-L is capable of running for 4 minutes, but as the workload backs off the times can increase upwards of 70 minutes with a minimal load.


The Eaton 5P1550GR-L UPS provides very reliable battery backup through its 6 power outlets and is designed for small to medium sized businesses. This unit is a great solution for protecting networking equipment, storage devices, servers, and workstations. Its small form factor with the ability to be mounted on a wall or inserted into an existing rack allows it to be easily integrated into any environment.

A major selling point of this unit is the Lithium Ion battery with an eight-year expected life span. Even though the initial investment price will be much higher, you’ll not have to replace batteries as quickly as you would when using lead acid batteries that are only expected to live 3-5 years. In this regard, you may end up saving money when it’s all said and done.

The Eaton 5P1550GR-L UPS utilizes a lithium ion batter with an expected lifespan of up to 8 years, has an output capacity of 1100W, and can reliably and efficiently handle a large range of use cases.

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