by Adam Armstrong

EMC Announces General Availability Of VMAX3

​EMC has announced the general availability of VMAX3, what they are calling “the world’s first Enterprise Data Service Platform.” As we previous said when EMC announced the VMAX family re-architecture, VMAX's enterprise data service model is an approach that can incorporate cloud access, data mobility, and data protection directly with local VMAX arrays. VMAX3 is built on the company’s HYPERMAX OS and EMC’s Dynamic Virtual Matrix architecture.

The VMAX3 family is designed to enable IT to control where to best run specific workloads and simplify management of Storage-as-a-Service (SaaS) through predictable service levels at hybrid cloud scale. VMAX3 will allow administrators to designate whether specific workloads should be run from within the data center or in a public cloud service according to security, performance, and other criteria.

VMAX3 family features include:

  • Level provisioning takes less than two minutes
  • Manage assigned service level based on latency threshold requirements
  • Maintains predictable performance
  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • Greater density
  • 4PB max capacity
  • 512GB minimum cache-system (raw)
  • Can be configured as either hybrid or all flash
  • 1.4TB/s dynamic virtual matrix bandwidth


VMAX3 100K, 200K and 400K with HYPERMAX OS are available now.

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