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EMC Announces Updates to VMAX3 Platform

EMC Corporation has announced new updates to the EMC VMAX3 platform designed to provide new levels of automation, modernization, and consolidation to customers. In addition, EMC is extending enterprise data services to multiple platforms with the launch of FAST.X, automating storage tiering across the data center.

VMAX3's new approach to enterprise storage architecture focuses on separating software-based data services from the underlying hardware. As a result, this allows the main VMAX capabilities--such as local replication, remote replication, and storage tiering--to extend to other platforms from EMC and third-party vendors. In addition, EMC indicates that VMAX3 has the ability to significantly simplify management at scale through service level objectives, which improves the overall productivity of staff by allowing them to focus on the needs of the business, as opposed to managing technology. The VMAX3 data service platform architecture also enables users to build a more flexible storage infrastructure with the ability to choose the optimal platform for each workload while consistently protecting and managing them based on their service levels.

Designed to automate, consolidate and protect mission-critical IT operations, the new updates to VMAX3’s data services and capabilities include:

  • VMAX3 Introduces FAST.X: Next Wave of Storage Tiering: VMAX3 offers automated tiering beyond and across the data center with FAST.X, extending enterprise data services to multiple platforms and extending service level objectives from VMAX3 to other storage devices.
  • ViPR Controller and VMAX3 Integration: VMAX3 integration with EMC ViPR Controller software allows organizations to automate delivery of differentiated classes of storage services through the ViPR Controller self-service catalog. EMC is showing a proof of concept of ViPR Controller running in a VMAX3 guest container for simple SDDC deployment.
  • Automated Storage Tiering to XtremIO: VMAX3 integration with EMC XtremIO flash storage allows customers to benefit from the data reduction of XtremIO while leveraging VMAX3’s reliability and simplicity. EMC is also previewing an option to purchase a VMAX3 platform with integrated XtremIO X-Brick™ building blocks for easier deployment and management of low latency, compressed data tiers.
  • Automated Storage Tiering to the Cloud: VMAX3 integration with EMC CloudArray cloud-integrated storage moves less active workloads to more cost-efficient cloud storage resulting in up to 40% lower storage costs and highly scalable back-end capacity.
  • VMAX3 Active-Active Replication: Later this year, VMAX3 will deliver active-active high availability for non-stop data access and resource balancing with newly enhanced SRDF/Metro™ functionality.


FAST.X for VMAX3 with support for XtremIO is slated for a release sometime this quarter. In addition, SRDF/Metro and FAST.X support for CloudArray and third-party storage is planned later this year.


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