by Lyle Smith

EMC Elastic Cloud Storage Appliance (ECS) Announced

EMC has announced the EMC ECS (Elastic Cloud Storage) Appliance (formerly known as Project Nile) at EMC World 2014, a hyperscale cloud storage infrastructure that redefines the economic benefits of cloud storage for service providers and customers of any size, in any industry. The 3rd Platform of IT is based on the mega trends of cloud, mobile, social and Big Data. Next-generation applications offer seamless experiences for customers to both interact and transact, which requires a new storage infrastructure to leverage analytics from the Big Data generated by these applications. EMC ECS Appliance is ideal for this scenario.

The new EMC ECS Appliance has the ease-of-use as well as the agility inherent of public cloud along with the control and security of a private cloud, providing anywhere from 9% to 28% lower TCO in object storage implementations than public clouds from Amazon and Google. In addition, the ECS Appliance gives customers the ability to add hyperscale cloud capabilities to existing private and hybrid cloud environments, which offers ease-of-use through self-service capabilities, fully automated provisioning and data services for next-generation applications. The data driven by use of next-generation applications over mobile devices creates obstacles for service providers and customers. Data should be accessible, secure and analytic-ready, and its storage infrastructure should be designed to handle exponential growth. The ECS Appliance is a modular, scale-out solution that is developed to deliver up to a massive 2.9 Petabytes in a single rack. It can also be clustered to attain Exabyte scale, which is a requirement for the 3rd Platform of IT.

Customers who to store their data in a public cloud they may have other risks to deal with including system outages and the costs of moving their data in and out of the public cloud environment. The EMC ECS Appliance offers a solution these inherent problems.

Services and Availability

Additionally, EMC is also introducing new Architecture and Design services for the ECS Appliance, helping customers to identify which of their current application workloads will drive the greatest business return with the ECS Appliance. It also has the ability to architect and design a system configuration in order to drive maximum impact and value within their environment.  

The services will be available with the general release of the ECS Appliance in the second quarter of 2014.

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