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EMC Isilon OneFS Gets a Major Update; New Isilon Platforms Announced

EMC has announced a major upgrade to EMC Isilon OneFS and new solutions to reinforce their enterprise-grade, scale-out Data Lake. These new EMC products and capabilities, such as the support for HDFS, help customers improve their proficiency in ingesting, storing, protecting and managing massive amounts of unstructured data. By taking advantage of HDFS for the Data Lake, EMC gives customers the ability to bring Hadoop to their Big Data rather than the other way around, which avoids the time and costs inherent of moving petabytes of data. EMC also launched the new Isilon S210 and Isilon X410 platforms which feature 2X performance gains in addition to new SmartFlash capabilities and an EMC/Pivotal Data Lake Hadoop bundle. 

Data Lakes

Customers will have analytic ready Data Lakes with Hadoop capabilities that allow data storage from a wide variety of sources. EMC’s Isilon storage and enterprise-grade services include data protection, data management, performance management and security to further enhance scale per cluster, performance, agility and cost-effectiveness. Media & Entertainment, Financial Services, and Life Sciences generate massive amounts of data. The EMC Isilon offerings can easily handle petabytes of big data these types of businesses create.

Additionally, the Isilon-enabled Data Lake supports multiple protocols and access methods including NFS, SMB, NDMP, HDFS, OBJECT using ViPR and OpenStack SWIFT native Object, and is compatible with both traditional workloads (e.g. home directories and file shares) as well as next-generation workloads (e.g. analytics, cloud applications and mobile sync-and-share).

OneFS version 7.1.1

OneFS, EMC Isilon’s operating system, is also getting a significant update with an emphasis on cache. The new version 7.1.1 includes the new SmartFlash, which is a flash-based cache that allows customers to interact with their data more quickly with the ability to scale up to one petabyte in a single cluster. As a result, this optimizes performance with simplified management, optimized 100% flash efficiency, and reduced latency for traditional and emerging workloads.

Isilon S210 and X410

EMC also announced the Isilon S210 and X410, with the former running up to 3.75 million IOPS per cluster. The S210 offers flexible configuration and deployment, which makes it an ideal workhorse for high transactional workloads for industries like media and entertainment and financial services. The Isilon X410 boasts a 70% increase in throughput at 33% less cost and supports Hadoop analytics, high performance computing, and enterprise file applications.

Hadoop Big Data Analytics Solutions

EMC Isilon and Pivotal have revealed a new Big Data Analytics Solution, making EMC the first scale-out NAS provider to natively integrate HDFS for Big Data analytics. The solution is offered as a Data Lake Hadoop Bundle, which allows for a quick and easy gains in powerful analytics capabilities all with the cost advantages of a highly efficient scale-out platform. VCE has also announced VCE Ready Certification with EMC Isilon for scale-out VDI and for Hadoop analytics.


EMC Isilon OneFS version 7.1.1, S210 and X410 storage platforms, and all solutions will be available sometime in July 2014. Support for enhanced HDFS and OpenStack SWIFT Object protocols are slated to be available near the end of 2014.

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