by Adam Armstrong

EMC Launches Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Solutions

​EMC announced today the launch of its Enterprise Hybrid Cloud solution (EHC). The new solution will enable IT-as-a-Service (ITaaS) in just under a month. EMC also announced a number of services to accelerate deployment of the new solution within customers' IT environments.

The EMC Enterprise Hybrid Cloud allows IT to use the benefits of both the private cloud (secure, trusted, and reliable) and the public cloud (simple, flexible, and lower cost). The EHC is an end-to-end solution of hardware, software, and solutions that is simple, automated, and on-demand. The EHC gives IT the control, visibility, and on-demand self-service support that workloads demand. The solution is highly flexible, supporting both traditional and next generation applications. It allows customers to deliver infrastructure and mission-critical applications across public or private cloud services. It is also fully interoperable with OpenStack, Microsoft, VMware, and Amazon Web Services. And customers can build on their foundations with several add-on modules.

The EHC enables ITaaS, is simple, automated, and on-demand and EMC has invested thousands of engineering hours into it to accelerate customer's time to value.

Benefits include:

  • Solution designed to be implemented in 28 days or less with EMC Professional Services
  • Access to a full service catalog of automated data services
  • Integration with public cloud services built on VMware vCloud Air, Microsoft Azure, AWS and other EMC-powered cloud service providers
  • EMC Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Solution can be built on VCE Vblock Systems and VSPEX for accelerated deployment
  • EMC’s gold standard level of Customer Service to provide world-class support
  • End-to-end testing and validation to ensure all components work together
  • Best practices /reference architecture that accelerates deployment
  • Hundreds of workflows based on common customer use cases to further enable self-service delivery and consumption
  • Custom-engineered design templates that offer pre-determined service levels of infrastructure for different applications

The solution comes with a number of services to accelerate deployment such as:

  • IT Transformation Workshop – a half-day workshop through EMC partners to help clarify strategies and priorities
  • Cloud advisory service – EMC will work with customers and determine which workloads are suitable for the cloud and placement in the cloud.
  • Managed Services for Enterprise Hybrid Cloud – a turnkey end-to-end operational management of a customer’s EHC complete with SLAs.  The service provides either onsite or offsite resources for one year or more.
  • Integration – EMC will help customers on how to best integrate the Hybrid Cloud into their existing storage environments. And provides training for the IT staff.

The EHC comes preloaded on VBLOCK and VSPEX at the factory or through EMC partners. The solution comes in three sizes: 500 VMs, 5,000 VMs, and 10,000 VMs.


The EHC Federation SDDC Edition is available now and the EHC Microsoft Edition and the EHC Openstack Edition will be available in 2015.

EMC's Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Solutions

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