by Adam Armstrong

Fujitsu Announces New All-Flash & Hybrid ETERNUS Systems

Fujitsu America, Inc. announced two new version of its ETERNUS Storage systems, a new all-flash model, ETERNUS AF S2, and a new hybrid version, the ETERNUS DX S4. The new all-flash model is aimed at organizations that need to maximize performance for digital business growth, continuity and efficiency. The hybrid model is aimed more that the midrange that need a good balance between performance and cost.

The new all-flash version of ETERNUS AF comes with newer and faster CPUs, larger caches, 32Gb Fibre Channel technology, and new algorithms for utilizing multicore, multithreaded processors. Fujitsu is offering two models, AF650 S2 and AF250 S2, aimed at midrange and SMB markets respectively. Both models have been built to maximize their all-flash storage for performance as well as the ability to consolidate storage systems with 30% more performance headroom. The AF650 S2 has a raw capacity near 3PB per system with a cost/performance ratio of $0.27/SPC-1 IOPS in the latest SPC benchmark results, published on January 19, 2018. The AF250 S2 comes with a cost/performance ratio of $0.10/SPC-1 IOPS.

On the hybrid side of things, The ETERNUS DX S4 is also offered in two models, SX500 S4 and SX600 S4. The hybrid models too benefit form a 30% performance increase in their SSD tier. The hybrid models come with intelligent automation to move data to the appropriate storage tier and eliminating human error. Users can also benefit from the ability to migrate from hybrid storage to all-flash storage within the ETERNUS DX S4 system.

Both the all-flash and hybrid systems support deduplication and data compression and are controlled through one management software, ETERNUS SF. ETERNUS systems can replicate and mirror to one another, which protects older investments that can be used as replication targets for the newer systems.



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