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HGST Virident Space Announced

HGST has announced Virident Space, which allows the clustering of up to 128 servers and 16 PCIe storage devices to deliver one or more shared volumes of high performance Flash storage, totaling over 38TB of usable capacity. The High Availability (HA), mirrored cluster is easily configured and managed using an advanced graphical user interface. 

HGST Virident Space is designed for shared storage applications such as Oracle RAC and Red Hat Global File System, which traditionally relied on dedicated SAN storage.  In addition, it gives MySQL environments new levels of availability and efficiency where a single stand-by server can be deployed as an alternative to dedicated replication pairs, saving up to 37 percent on total server count. Adding HGST Virident Space to Virident ClusterCache for SAN acceleration, Virident Share for Flash pooling and remote access to Flash, and Virident HA for replication, allows HGST to offer a feature-rich and robust Flash fabric solution. 

vSpace for Linux Clusters

With Space for Linux, users can define an any-to-any relationship between 128 hosts and 16 FlashMAX SSDs, with each of these nodes having a FlashMAX 4.8TB Capacity SSD. Replicating any-to-any produces a 38.4TB all-flash cluster. In addition, Space allows the cluster to grow dynamically by adding a new FlashMAX SSD into a server as well as by adding a new server with an SSD. The devices can move between servers for easy upgrades.

Space for KVM

Failover is automatic and transparent to any application using the cluster. Space also turns the KVM environment into a virtual SAN for Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) environments, where a pool of Flash can be used for application acceleration.

Space for GFS

Using Space in collaboration with Ret Hat Global File System creates an all-flash shared file system with high performance and granular volume management.


HGST Virident Space is currently being tested by hyperscale and data center customers worldwide.

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