by Adam Armstrong

HPE Announces New 3PAR 20840 Converged Flash Array

Today Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) announced its latest 3PAR array, the HPE 3PAR 20840 converged flash array. The latest 3PAR is claimed to be the highest performing, most scalable converged flash array on the market. The array is designed to help customers utilize the best benefits of in an all-flash data center while shielding them from risks.

HPE claims that an all-flash data center can reduce IT budgets by a third while improving business agility. The first thought that pops into most people’s minds will be, flash is expensive. HPE states that these savings can be realized through a combination of consolidation, cost reduction, and greater performance. Enterprises and service providers need a Tier-1 flash storage architecture that delivers multi-protocol support and advanced data protection in order to fully reap these benefits.

HPE has been refreshing its entire flash-optimized 3PAR Storage portfolio over the past year, including accelerating the path to the all-flash data center. HPE was the only major storage vendor to achieve year-over-year market share growth over 8 consecutive quarters. HPE’s latest 3PAR, the 20840, is designed for organizations that are looking to consolidate multiple racks of legacy, high-end storage for CAPEX and OPEX savings. The 20840 scales out to 8 controller nodes, has 6 nines of uptime, 21PB of usable capacity, and up to 3.2 million random read IOPS. Comparing the 20840 with another large all-flash array, EMC’s VMAX, the HPE array consumes 85% less space, power, and cooling while accelerating the most performance-hungry workloads and mission-critical applications for 23% lower price.

As stated above, the 20840 is all about consolidation. It can consolidate block and file workloads for greater space and cost savings. And it can help avoid the risks of consolidation with its multi-tenancy and tight integration with the new HPE StoreOnce 6600. And the 20840 can provide affordable flash-adjacent archiving with the new HPE 3PAR File Persona and new 8TB Nearline drives.

Availability and pricing

HPE 3PAR 20840 Storage Systems are available worldwide, orderable and shipping immediately with a US street price starting at $147,000, Supporting 1,920 Drives (up to 1,024 SSDs) and 15PB usable; support for 2,304 Drives (up to 1,152 SSDs) and 21PB usable supported as of the second half of 2016.

The 8TB 7.2K Nearline SAS drives are available worldwide, orderable and shipping from March 29th 2016 with a US street price starting at $1,705.

HPE 3PAR StoreServ

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