by Adam Armstrong

HPE Announces New, Simplified Hybrid Cloud Data Protection

Today Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) announced new hybrid cloud data protection and copy data management solutions for its storage portfolio. These new solutions include the next generation of StoreOnce backup appliances, HPE Recovery Manager Central (RMC) 6.0, HPE StoreOnce with Commvault, and HPE GreenLake Backup enhanced with next-generation HPE StoreOnce and Commvault software integration. The new features and solutions certain around reducing costs, improving performance, and decreasing operator time. 

As more companies undergo their digital transformation they have to struggle with managing and protecting what is the key element of this transformation, data. Data will give companies’ insights that lead to better efficiencies or possible new revenue streams. As data growth expands and requirements change, companies struggle to store and protect data in an intelligent manner. HPE’s announcements today aim to address this. 

Many companies (especially newer, smaller ones) have adopted a cloud-first strategy where they place all or most of their IT functions on the cloud. HPE’s StoreOnce Systems are designed to deliver simple, cost-effective backup to the cloud. Customers will have all the benefits of leveraging the cloud with an on-prem solution for backup and fast restore. The latest generation comes with improved performance for Amazon S3 and Microsoft Azure environments by copying only unique data to the cloud, and stores encrypted, self-describing backup data for simple cloud disaster recovery.

For users of HPE storage arrays (such as 3PAR and Nimble Storage), HPE has updated RMC to 6.0. RMS 6.0 is a direct backup form the above arrays to StoreOnce. The company states that users can see up to a 23x faster backup and 15x faster recovery at a lower cost and in a simplified manner. 

StoreOnce will integrate with the new Commvault Complete Backup & Recover software for even better backup to the cloud. The two companies state that Commvault customers can see up to 20x lower cloud storage costs, faster backups, and roughly 95% less backup storage and network traffic.

One aspect of the cloud that is also intriguing to customers is the economics. On the one side it is more OPEX than CAPEX, but several providers allow users to pay-per-use, which is a tad more difficult with on-prem devices. However, HPE is extending this billing model to its HPE GreenLake Flex Capacity planning strategies with HPE GreenLake Backup. The savings, up to 30%, will come with the next generation HPE StoreOnce and the new Commvault integration.

Availability and Pricing 

  • HPE StoreOnce is now available starting at $4,800 for a HPE StoreOnce virtual storage appliance
  • RMC 6.0 is expected to be available December 2018 and comes standard with every HPE 3PAR and HPE Nimble Storage array
  • Commvault integration with HPE StoreOnce is currently available
  • HPE GreenLake Backup is currently available

HPE StoreOnce

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