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HPE Expands Its GreenLake Offerings

Today at HPE Discover in Las Vegas, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) announced that it would be scaling its GreenLake offerings increasing its as-a-Service business. HPE GreenLake offerings will expand for the midmarket, new services for the edge, and new and expanded partnerships with CyrusOne and Equinix. The company also is announcing HPE GreenLake for Aruba with a new Network as a Service (NaaS) offering.

The spread of as-a-Service offerings over the last few years has been dramatic. While aaS offering so many more benefits, users need a consistent cloud experience to get the most out of it. A consistent cloud experience allows users to effectively manage all of their critical apps and workloads while having the performance needed to innovate. HPE claims that the current paradigm for enterprise technology underserves the market, inconsistent experiences can lead issues using services, limited choice, and higher costs. HPE GreenLake is looking to quell fears of the above with a robust as a Service portfolio that gives customers choice, flexibility, and speed to market.

What is HPE GreenLake?

Launched two years ago, HPE GreenLake is a managed IT as a Service offering that provides customers with a consistent cloud experience for managing all their workloads. The portfolio that falls under the umbrella of GreenLake spans several solutions (form HPE and their partners) that include mission-critical workloads and big data applications; virtualized tier-1 workloads such as SAP, Oracle, and Microsoft; as well as support for virtualized big data applications, such as Splunk and Hadoop. For those concerned about budget and compliance (which is just about everyone), GreenLake also has metering and governance capabilities for monitoring.  

In two years HPE GreenLake has done pretty well, with over 600 customers, over $2.8 billion in total contract value, and a 99% renewal rate. According to a report commissioned by HPE customers benefit from a 30% Capex savings due to eliminated need for overprovisioning, and a 90% reduction in support and professional services costs. HPE GreenLake also provides 40% increased productivity by reducing the support load on IT operations staff and shortens the time to deploy IT projects by 65%. HPE has over 400 partners that sell the aaS portfolio as well. 

Building off of the above, HPE is introducing several new offerings, bringing the total to five. Several of these offerings are aimed at midmarket where organizations may not have a data center or enough IT staff. The new offerings include right-sized offerings and services for the midmarket, new partnerships with co-location providers Equinix and CyrusOne, and new tools and investments to further simplify and speed the selling process for HPE channel partners. Along with this, HPE is introducing two new GreenLake tools:

  • HPE GreenLake Quick Quote: User-guided, automated quoting tool that starts with the customers’ workload needs and delivers fast quoting and transparent pricing. Partners can easily adjust the workloads for cost or performance needs with the click of a button. HPE GreenLake Quick Quote cuts HPE GreenLake time generate a proposal to just a few minutes. 
  • HPE GreenLake Chatbot: An Artificial Intelligence-driven, automated chatbot that quickly answers partners’ HPE GreenLake inquiries. The chatbot eliminates time spent searching for resources, delivers faster answers and routes partners to HPE GreenLake sales support if it cannot answer a question right away.

As stated, HPE is also announcing HPE GreenLake for Aruba. This offering incorporates HPE Aruba networking capabilities (security, end-user analytics, end-user experience validation and other tools) into GreenLake to provide cloud-based centralized Aruba NMS with API’s to optimize management. This NaaS has been adopted by some customers and has been well received thus far according to HPE.

HPE GreenLake

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