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IBM Announces New Servers, Software, & Solutions For Hybrid Cloud

Today IBM announced new servers, storage and mainframe software, and solutions designed for cloud computing. IBM’s new products are aimed at helping customers create hybrid cloud environments. In line with helping customers adopt hybrid cloud environments, IBM is also releasing flexible software licensing of its industry-leading middleware.

Mobile, Big Data, and social computing are driving organizations to adopt hybrid cloud environments, as they integrate existing technology with the new workloads. Moving the data around presents a large problem to businesses as it can reside in various places. IBM’s new products and solutions are aimed at helping customer easily adopt, adapt to, and navigate these new environments all the while gaining new insight from their data along the way.

New products and solutions include:

  • IBM Power System E850 - The industry's first 4-socket system with flexible capacity and up to 70% guaranteed utilization. The E850 is an ideal solution for cloud service providers or medium and large enterprises looking to securely and efficiently deploy multi-tenancy workloads, with larger in-memory databases with up to 4TB of installed memory.
  • IBM Power System E880 - In conjunction with the latest enhancements to the E880 allowing it to scale to 192 cores, IBM testing has shown that critical data-intensive business workloads like IBM DB2 with BLU Acceleration exhibit perfect linear scaling all the way up to this capacity. IBM claims that cloud deployments will experience “no loss of efficiency when scaling at this level -- a capability that is not possible on commodity platforms.”
  • IBM PurePOWER System – IBM claims it is the most secure, quick-to-deploy converged infrastructure for cloud with open choice. Securely deliver insights in the cloud; managed with OpenStack and adaptable to changing needs, PurePower offers rapid implementation and ROI with “12X greater workload density than competitors and a virtualized hypervisor with zero documented vulnerabilities.”
  • IBM Spectrum Control Storage Insights - New software defined storage solution provides data management as a hybrid cloud service to optimize on-premises storage infrastructures. It provides clients with individual views into storage consumption at the department or application level. Deployed in as little as 30 minutes, Storage Insights simplifies storage management by improving storage visibility and applies analytics to ease capacity planning, enhance performance monitoring, improve storage utilization by reclaiming under-utilized storage and lower the cost of storage up to 50% per GB by optimizing data placement.
  • IBM XIV GEN 3 - New system designed for cloud with IBM Real-time Compression that reduces TCO. IBM XIV grid architecture integrated proven real-time compression technology can store 50 to 80% more data and with little or no application impact.  This IBM unique enterprise storage capability reduces the cost per effective usable capacity.  Combined with low cost of management, industry leading power efficiency, and patented Real-time compression technology, IMB claims that IBM XIV Gen 3 will provide 58% less TCO than EMC VMAX.
  • Big Storage Technology - A technology preview of a new active cloud archive service for clients to store large amounts of data and easily retrieve it on demand. This secure, enterprise grade cloud service is being piloted with our service partner Iron Mountain, and design partner clients with a variety of business use cases.
  • Rocket Data Access Service on Bluemix for z Systems: Provides clients a simple, seamless and secure connection to data on the IBM z Systems mainframe for development of mobile applications through Bluemix. Starting in June, clients can access a free trial of the service, which works with a range of database storage systems, including VSAM, ADABASE, IMS, CICS and DB2, and allows access through common mobile application interfaces, including MongoDB, JDBC and the REST protocol.

Along with the new products and solutions, IBM is also offering flexible software licensing for hybrid clouds. Customers will be able to freely move monthly licenses between on-premises and public and private clouds. This will include IBM SoftLayer and third party clouds. IBM is making available a self-service portal enabling customers to scale their infrastructure and software license footprint in minutes using the PureApplication Service, making it simple to deploy middleware solutions and applications. Along with the self-service portal, IBM is offering a try-before-you-buy access to key middleware software products for hybrid cloud computing.


The self-service portal will be available later this quarter. Rocket Data Access Servie on Bluemix for z Systems will offer a free trial starting in June 2015.

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