by Adam Armstrong

IBM Introduces Its IBM Cloud Mass Data Migration

Taking a page out of Amazon's playbook, today IBM introduced its large-capacity portable storage device to aid in cloud migration, IBM Cloud Mass Data Migration. IBM's new device gives customers a quick and cost-effective way to move the data to the cloud, thus speeding their digital transformation. To top it all off, the IBM Cloud Mass Data Migration offers up to 20% more capacity compared to competing products.

The cloud has become one of if not the dominant methods for disrupting and then changing the industry. While many new companies are starting in the cloud, more established companies are still in the process of migration. This migration hits a snag when one is talking about sending years or decades worth of data to the cloud, as that can take massive amounts of time and money. IBM is using a simple of cost effective method to help its customers migrate to the cloud.

The IBM Cloud Mass Data Migration is a high capacity (120TB), portable storage device. Customers can load files onto the device and ship it to IBM Cloud Object Storage for use across the IBM Cloud platform. Made to withstand the bumps and bruises associated with shipping, the device also features industry-standard AES 256-bit encryption and RAID6 for further data protection. According to IBM, customers can migrate 120TB of data from on-prem to their cloud in as little as 7 days and for under $400. If a company needs more than 120TB at a time they can use several devices at once.

This new device is ideal for companies that have large video, audio and image files as well as a limit to high-speed internet access.


The IBM Cloud Mass Data Migration is available now for $395 including UPS Next Day Air shipping.

IBM blog on Cloud MDM

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