by Adam Armstrong

IBTA Announces Its RoCE Initiative

Today the InfiniBand Trade Association (IBTA) announced the launch of it RDMA over Converged Ethernet (RoCE) Initiative. This new initiative is aimed at creating an industry ecosystem to drive the adoption of RoCE. The initiative will provide RoCE education, reference solutions, and resources.

From their site:
The InfiniBand Trade Association (IBTA) was founded in 1999 and is chartered with maintaining and furthering the InfiniBand specification. The IBTA is led by a distinguished steering committee that includes Cray Inc., Emulex, HP, IBM, Intel, Mellanox, Microsoft, and Oracle. Other members of the IBTA represent leading enterprise IT vendors who are actively contributing to the advancement of the InfiniBand specification.

Remote Direct Access Memory (RDMA) is the technology used in some of the fastest supercomputers and datacenters. RDMA allows data to be transferred between servers with less work being done by the CPU. Though first being adopted with InfiniBand, RDMA has expanded into enterprise markets and is now being adopted over Converged Ethernet. RoCE (pronounced rocky) is driving an advanced data center architecture that eliminates dedicated storage area networks and converges compute, networking and storage onto a single fabric.

The RoCE Initiative will be the leading source of information on RoCE. The initiative is aimed at CIOs, data center architects, and solutions engineers to help them achieve improved application performance and productivity. The RoCE Initiative will offer education programs, case studies, white papers, and webinars. The initiative will also help the IBTA to advance its specifications.

IBTA main site

RoCE Initiative site

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