by Josh Shaman

Inktank Announces Ceph Cuttlefish Update

Inktank is announcing the newest release Ceph called Cuttlefish which offers enhancements to the massively scalable, open source software-defined storage system. Ceph Cuttlefish updates include Red Hat support, quicker installation for easier adoption, and operational improvements for scaling applications. Ceph also delivers object, block, and file storage in a single system that runs on existing hardware. Amongst larger updates detailed below, Ceph Cuttlefish also includes a few more features in this version: users now have access to incremental snapshots of block devices, at-rest encryption of data and quotas for storage pools. Inktank is marking their continued commitment to Ceph with their commercial support for Cuttlefish and future versions of the OS.

Cuttlefish Illustration

Ceph-Deploy is a brand-new deployment tool that allows users to begin operating a multi-node Ceph cluster in a matter of just minutes. This makes it really simple for administrators to check and proof their strategy for their storage system. In conjunction with other management tools like Chef, Puppet and Juju, setup and start-up is simple and intuitive.

The updated OS Ceph Cuttlefish also features enhancements to make sure operators obtain the highest available capacity. Ceph Cuttlefish accomplishes this goal by providing typical administrative functions required for running an object storage service available via a RESTful API. Administrators can now create, delete or modify users and their access levels. On top of these features, administrators can audit bucket and object data using the API. With this feature, users can more easily provision or bill using Ceph.

Ceph Cuttlefish
Ceph Cuttlefish Release Notes
Inktank Consulting and Support Service for Ceph

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