by Adam Armstrong

Intel Introduces Optane Technology Based On 3D XPoint

Yesterday at Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco, Intel made a series of announcements around their work on upcoming products, most of which focus on connected devices and the Internet of Things (IoT). Of more interest to us here at StorageReview, is the introduction of Optane Technology based off of Intel’s collaboration with Micron on 3D XPoint (pronounced cross point) technology announced last month.

Optane Technology uses the non-volatile memory media and combines it with Intel’s advanced memory controller, interface hardware and software IP to create a new high-endurance and high-performance SSD. This new technology will also power Intel’s future DIMMs. Intel gave a demonstration of its new SSD against its P3700 showing that the new SSD had between 5 to 7 times the performance in various workloads.

Intel made several other announcements including: updates to its RealSense technology, a collaboration with Fossil for a new form of wearable technology, a collaboration with United Artists Media Group and Turner Broadcasting to make a new innovation competition, a new software platform called Intel Curie module, and enhanced privacy identification technology.


Intel stated that they expect the Optane Technology to be available next year.

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