by Adam Armstrong

Micron Announces New High Capacity 16nm TLC NAND

Today at Computex, Micron Technology Inc. announced its new Triple-Level-Cell (TLC) NAND built on its 16nm process. This new TLC NAND adds to Micron growing portfolio of flash storage devices. The new NAND will set a balance between cost and performance for consumer flash products such as Consumer SSDs and USB flash drives.

Micron states that TLC NAND makes up roughly half of the flash devices shipped. TLC fits three bits in every flash data cell creating better density and capacity at a better-cost efficiency. TLC is a proven and reliable design having been in production and usage for a while now. Customers can rest easy knowing that Micron offers support from an extensive design support team, who act as trusted advisors to ensure smooth qualification and optimal end-solution performance. Micron further states that key customers and partners have already begun integrating its new NAND into their new designs ensuring adoption with ease.

Micron sees the 16nm TLC NAND as a good solution for current consumer applications as they move toward 3D NAND next year (with products such as one they are jointly release with Intel). The new TLC joins a fairly large list of flash products Micron offers from consumer to enterprise that spans various applications.


The 16GB TLC NAND is in production and shipping now. Consumer SSD solutions with the new technology are expected this fall and Micron will release its own SSD products based on the new TLC NAND in the same time frame.

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