by Adam Armstrong

NetApp Announces New NFS Hybrid Service On AWS

At AWS re:Invent this year, NetApp made a slew of announcements. The company is announcing a new cloud based data service for AWS based off of ONTAP software, NetApp NFS Hybrid Service for AWS. With ONTAP, NetApp is expanding the software’s services to VMware Cloud on AWS. They are also releasing a new Cloud Data Service Portal for no cost to NetApp customers. And NetApp has joined the AWS Channel Opportunity Registration Program.

As data continues to grow at an ever-increasing rate, organizations will need to be able to access the data even if it is distributed across clouds and on-premises. One of the main clouds for storing data is Amazon Web Services (AWS). To give AWS customers the same visibility and insights into their data that they would get with ONTAP, NetApp has introduced its NFS Hybrid Service for AWS. The new service will be available in the Amazon Marketplace and enables both NFSv3 and NFSv4 with fully featured snapshots and is available in cloud-only and hybrid cloud deployment. The NFS service will offer high performance and availability while integrating with on-premises systems and seamless data migration and synchronization between on-premises and cloud.

Yesterday it was announced that AWS was expanding the availabilities and capabilities of VMware Cloud on AWS. Now NetApp is expanding its ONTAP services to VMware Cloud on AWS. This allows for more flexibility in deployment and allow ONTAP customers to manage and serve their VMware application data in the same way whether in the cloud or on-premises.

As more customers move data to the cloud the ability to manage it and services related to it becomes ever more complicated. NetApp introduce its new Cloud Data Service Portal to automatically discover and manage NetApp data services across clouds from a single dashboard. This can lead to faster deployment and development of applications, better data protection and compliance, and an increase in productivity.


NetApp NFS Hybrid Service for AWS will be available as a public preview in early 2018. ONTAP Cloud Support for VMware Cloud on AWS and the NetApp Cloud Data Service Portal are available now.

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