by Adam Armstrong

NetApp Completes Its Acquisition Of SolidFire

Last month we reported that NetApp Inc. had announced that it was going to acquire SolidFire for $870 million in cash. This week NetApp closed the deal and will be combining SolidFire into its line of products. As we previously stated, the acquisition of SolidFire will combine the performance and economics of all-flash storage with a webscale architecture.

NetApp plans on incorporating SolidFire into its Data Fabric strategy. This would make, what NetApp is calling, the industry’s broadest all-flash portfolio to meet their needs for speed, scale and data services. SolidFire’s All-Flash Arrays (AFA) are quite a bit different from the ones NetApp currently has in their lineup. A SolidFire AFA cluster can have up to 100 nodes (each being a x86 1U with 10 SSDs). This cluster is a single pool of capacity and performance. SolidFire clusters act similar to the cloud with its scalability and simplicity. Data placement, protection, and performance is all handled automatically and if customers need more capacity they can add more nodes that will automatically rebalance workloads. The same goes for removing nodes.

The vast difference in SolidFire’s AFA will most likely be a tremendous benefit to NetApp. With no overlap between products it gives NetApp’s customers even more choices to satisfy their flash needs.

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