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Inspur G7 Server Platform Supports 4th-Gen Intel Xeon Processors

by Lyle Smith
Inspur G7 Server Platform

Inspur has announced its G7 server platform fully supports the recently launched 4th-Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors. Designed for performance, openness, intelligent management, and sustainability, the new line of servers has improved performance by up to 61% and computing performance per unit of power consumption by up to 30% compared to the previous generation of Intel-based servers.

Inspur has announced its G7 server platform fully supports the recently launched 4th-Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors. Designed for performance, openness, intelligent management, and sustainability, the new line of servers has improved performance by up to 61% and computing performance per unit of power consumption by up to 30% compared to the previous generation of Intel-based servers.

Inspur G7 Server Platform

The new server platforms are built around green technology, open-source solutions, precise engineering, and intelligent management. Moreover, Inspur indicates that it has a unique cooling design that reduces energy consumption by up to 30% and includes cloud operation and maintenance for intelligent fault diagnosis with a high accuracy rate of up to 95%.

Green Technology Improves TCO 

The G7 servers have the capability to use both cold-plate and full-immersion liquid cooling, and can be configured as a rack-level liquid cooling solution. This allows for a significant decrease in Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) without compromising on performance, ease of maintenance, sustainability, or energy efficiency, resulting in a substantial decrease in TCO.

The G7 server platform’s air-cooling system has some pretty unique features that work together to reduce power consumption and improve heat dissipation efficiency. One of these features is the T-shaped radiator, which allows for precise temperature control at a component level. Another is the optimized air outlet channel with temperature monitoring, which ensures that the necessary volume of air is provided according to the workload.

Not only is it unique in design, Inspur claims the G7 server platform offers a significant cost reduction: you can fit two 350W CPUs in a 1U space, resulting in up to 30%+ in energy savings compared to the previous generation. This is a notable accomplishment in terms of design and energy efficiency. Fitting 350W CPUs in a 1U space can be a difficult thing to do, as it usually requires additional cooling and power management solutions to ensure proper function.

In addition, the intelligent control system has the capability to continuously monitor the usage of resources, adapt the operation of each component within a server, provide the necessary power based on workload demands and ultimately optimize the TCO for data centers.

Environmental Impact

Inspur designed their G7 servers with a focus on being green and sustainable in both internal materials and packaging. The electronic components within this device are in compliance with the ROHS standards, free of lead, cadmium, and other toxic metals. Its packaging is made entirely of recyclable materials which decreases the usage of plastic by 30%. If this approach to environmental sustainability was adopted by all servers worldwide, it would result in saving over 94,000 tons of plastic.

Open computing

The G7 server platform features advanced integration with open-source software and open architecture, resulting in improved deployment abilities. It uses open software protocols like OpenBMC (provides system management capabilities across heterogeneous systems and allows for in-depth and flexible customization of services), Redfish (facilitates communication and modular management of servers through defined URLs), and CXL (Compute Express Link).

Additionally, using the DC-SCM (Data Center-Server Component Management) open standard module enhances security management, separates BMC (Baseboard Management Controller) and ROT (Reliability, Availability, Serviceability) development from CPU iterations. This helps to accelerate security management chips and CPU updates, ensuring better cross-platform compatibility

Consistent Business Operations 

The G7 server platform utilizes various levels of advanced engineering (hardware, firmware, and system design) to help ensure the reliability of business operations. Features include:

  • redundancy in BIOS/BMC for secure and efficient firmware updates in data centers
  • improved power supply specifications to allow simultaneous activation of the intelligent NIC and processor to address issues with power supplies in bare-metal environments.

Operation and Maintenance Ease of Use

The G7 server platform supports cloud-based operation and maintenance and has an accuracy rate of up to 95% when leveraging online intelligent diagnosis of faults. Its intelligent power consumption management function allows users to dynamically manage the power of stand-alone machines and data centers, claiming an improvement of 15% in energy consumption savings.

For hardware operation and maintenance, the new line of servers uses different colors to indicate hot-swappable components. Moreover, to improve operation and maintenance efficiency, it also has dynamic workload status indicator lights and front-mounted type-C management ports that can connect to mobile devices (i.e., phones and tablets).

Inspur G7 Server Family Highlights

Inspur describes the specific models from their new G7 Server line:

  • TS860G7 is a high-end server optimized for critical applications that is based on 4th Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processor. It can support a maximum of eight sockets in a 6U space. The system integrates 128 DIMM slots of DDR5 memory to achieve the highest computing density in the industry. It is oriented to large-scale core databases, SAP HANA memory computing, CSP cloud applications, and other scenarios.
  • NF8260G7 is a high-density server for cloud-optimized scenarios like CSP cloud applications. The server’s CPUs contain up to 60 cores. It supports various storage configurations, up to a 100 Gbps network, and a 4x 2700W redundant power supply.
  • NF5180G7 is a general-purpose density-optimized rack server, designed to maximize performance, density, and scalability in 1U space. It has three cooling solutions: air cooling, cold-plate liquid cooling, and immersion liquid cooling, making it suitable for high-performance computing, virtualization, and other computing-intensive application scenarios.
  • NF5280G7 is full-fledged rack server offering strong computing performance in a 2U space. It has comprehensive ecosystem compatibility, and high configuration flexibility to meet the application scenario requirements of various industries.
  • i24G7 is a high-density computing multi-node server. It can provide four dual-socket server nodes in 2U space. Each node supports up to two sockets of 4th Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors, and 16 DIMM slots of DDR5 memory. It is designed for high-performance, virtualization, and other computing-intensive application scenarios.
  • NF5266G7 is a high-density storage server that adopts an innovative three-tier storage architecture in a 2U space to achieve the ultimate balance of computing and storage I/O. Its computing performance is up to 60% higher than the previous generation. It is suitable for scenarios such as big data, CDN, hyper-convergence, and distributed storage.
  • ORS3000S is a rack-scale system suitable for centralized power supplies and general-purpose rack servers. It optimizes the power consumption of nodes and refrigeration equipment, supports liquid cooling, and adopts an optimized and flexible network modular design to adapt to various Internet and enterprise applications.
  • NF5468G7 is a 4U versatile AI computing platform, powered by 2x 4th Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors with up to 112 cores and a 700W TDP. It can be configured to handle a multitude of specialized AI tasks including deep learning, metaverse generation, AIGC, and AI for Science by using an array advanced and specialized accelerators.
  • NF5688G7 is a 6U hyperscale AI training platform, featuring industry-leading performance, ultimate I/O expansion and ultra-high energy efficiency. Equipped with 8x 700W GPUs, it is built to handle the most demanding AI computing tasks like trillion-parameter AI model training, massive recommendation systems, and metaverse workloads.

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