by Adam Armstrong

Nexenta Announces NexentaStor 5 Community Preview & Citrix Ready

Today at Citrix Synergy there were a number of announcements from Citrix, Nexenta had a few to make as well. Nexenta announced that it is allowing early access of its next generation Software-defined solution (SDS), NexentaStor 5 Community Preview, to the Nexenta Community. Nexenta also announced that its NexentaConnect for Citrix XenDesktop and NexentaStor have been verified as Citrix Ready.

The Nexenta Community has nearly 50,000 members and helps Nexenta by collaborating and continuing to drive innovation on its open source-driven SDS. This is the same method that Nexenta has rolled out earlier releases of its SDS. Nexenta enables its members to influence the direction and development of NexentaStor. Nexenta is also an active participant to multiple open source projects. The latest version of NexentaStor Community Preview offers advanced OpenSDS capabilities, easing migration to the Software Defined Data Center, strengthening data integrity and simplifying management.

NexentaStor 5 Community Preview enhancements include:

  • High performance iSCSI Block and NFS and SMB File storage services, ideal for cloud backend, near-line archive and generic file sharing use cases
  • New high performance, high concurrency, management framework
  • New self-documenting REST API enabling users and partners to simply build powerful automation and storage orchestration
  • Updated Command Line Interface for simpler deployment, configuration and management
  • Increased performance and efficiency, requiring less rack space, power and cooling resources.

Nexenta is also announcing that NexentaConnect for Citrix XenDesktop and NexentaStor are verified as Citrix Ready. The Citrix Ready informs Citrix customers which third-party solutions are recommended to enhance Citrix environments. Customers know that NexentaConnect for Citrix XenDesktop and NexentaStor have passed the rigorous verification process and work effectively with Citrix.

Features of NexentaConnect for Citrix XenDesktop include:

  • Reduces existing SAN workload by 60-80% depending on workload via I/O offload.
  • Optimize persistent and stateless desktop on any SAN
  • Optimize stateless desktops on shared nothing
  • Simple to deploy and operate through an intuitive GUI
  • Support for Citrix XenDesktop 7.6 on VMware ESX 5.x


NexentaStor 5 Community Preview is available now to the Nexenta Community. General availability of the next generation NexentaStor version 5.0 is expected by the end of 2015.

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