by Lyle Smith

Nirvanix Cloud Storage Network Now Used by National Geographic

Nirvanix announced that the National Geographic Society has moved its backup and archival of large unstructured multi-media files to the Nirvanix Cloud Storage Network to take advantage of the economic and on-demand agility benefits that the cloud brings. With the growth of their unstructured content files, the National Geographic Society needed an alternative to the traditional approach of continually buying physical storage capacity for their archival needs. With the Nirvanix CloudNAS Gateway, they were able to encrypt data both in flight and at rest as well as securely transfer data to any of Nirvanix’s eight globally distributed cloud storage data centers.

Designed from the ground up, the Cloud File System was built for millions of users, billions of objects and exabytes of data (such as 3D movies, HD video and audio, 2K, 4K, 8K/IMAX files and CGI elements) and is available as one large global namespace. Additionally, it is accessible from any location, which makes this fully managed service perfect for leading content providers such as National Geographic.

The following are some of the key features of the Nirvanix Cloud Storage Network:

  • 24x7 monitoring with mobile and e-mail alerts to system administration staff for all processes
  • Automatic intrusion detection and monitoring
  • SSL support for data to/from the Cloud Storage Network
  • Robust encryption support for data uploads
  • Strong password authentication
  • De-identified physical file architecture requiring 3-step key to link files to users
  • Token-based authentication with server-side session management
  • Stringent enforcement of information security policy
  • RAID 6 data storage at single or multiple nodes
  • Checksum error checking and internal integrity checks
  • Documented adherence of all control processes to stringent service standards
  • Customizable policy-based geo-replication for storing multiple copies of data
  • Multi-tenant architecture offering virtually unlimited scalability under a single namespace
  • Inter-node load-balancing of traffic
  • Geo-location technology optimizes the user experience by specifying storage locations

Physical security features:

  • On-site security 24x7
  • All doors, including cages, are secured with biometric hand geometry readers
  • Kinetic locks on all closed cabinets
  • CCTV digital camera coverage of the entire center with detailed surveillance and audit logs
  • Bullet-resistant exterior walls
  • Concrete bollards/planters as outer perimeter boundaries
  • CCTV integrated with access control and alarm system

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