by Adam Armstrong

Panzura Announces The GA Of Freedom Archive

Today Panzura announced the general availability of its cost-effective archive data solution, Freedom Archive. Panzura states that its new solution is ideal for longer-term storage that still needs high-performance such as the storage and access of surveillance video, healthcare imaging, seismic data, and life sciences information. Such customers as Chevron, American College of Radiology, NBC Universal, Time Warner Cable, and multiple law enforcement agencies are already using freedom Archive.

As more businesses realize that almost all data is important, they need to find a way to store less used data to where it can be easily accessed but not taking up valuable real estate on primary storage devices. Freedom Archive aims to put the data in-between primary storage and what is typically thought of as archive storage such as tape or even optical disk. The new solution from Panzura combines the scalability and cost-effectiveness of the cloud with high-performance local cache, giving users the ability to retrieve important data while storing massive amounts of less used data.

The hybrid cloud provided by Freedom Archive supports CIFS/NFS interfaces and can identify colder data to move it to less expensive storage. Panzura states that all data is de-deuped and compressed, to ensure maximum efficiency. They go on to point out that hot data can be access in a high-performance manner. Finally, in an offer that is appealing to most industries, Freedom Archive delivers military-grade encryption for data at rest and in flight.

Features include:

  • Deduplication and compression: more efficient storage and backup, more room for files, less data sent over your network, and lower cloud storage costs.
  • Cloud-backed with 11 nines of availability. Panzura connects to a public or private cloud of user's choice and uses it to store the authoritative copy of all files.
  • Panzura makes the cloud a single target for all archiving.
  • Support for database and VMDK archiving. Panzura uses the cloud to archive VMware VMDK files and direct Oracle or SQL database dumps.
  • Full support of snapshots for data versioning and retention.
  • Extended access control lists (ACLs) for granular permissions-based file access.
  • Panzura is certified as FIPS 140- 2 with AES-256 bits encryption making data secure at rest and in transit.
  • Freedom Archive is available as a virtual appliance or on a Panzura 5500 series Hybrid Cloud controller.

Availability and Pricing

Panzura Freedom Archive is available now and users can take advantage of a 30-day trial. Freedom Archive works across all major public cloud providers and as part of the 30-day trial IBM Cloud and AWS are offering 10TB of free storage for 30 and 14 days respectability. 

Panzura Freedom Archive

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