by Adam Armstrong

Panzura Releases Next Generation Hybrid Cloud Controllers

Today Panzura announced its new series of expandable enterprise hybrid cloud controllers, the Panzura 5000 series. This new series of controllers can scale from thousands of users at a single site to tens of thousands of users across global offices. Panzura claims that these new controllers, along with its patented hybrid cloud storage software, enable customers to accelerate time to market of multi-billion dollar projects and high value software products by months, reduce on-premise storage costs by millions of dollars, and deliver a future proof hybrid cloud storage architecture.

Panzura’s software comes with the 5000 series and, according to the company, enables globally dispersed employees and machines to work together like they are in the same location. Panzura claims that it can increase collaboration on large projects by enabling customers to move hundreds of gigabytes to multiple sites worldwide in minutes totaling terabytes of builds globally distributed per day. These large projects include: architecting skyscrapers and amusement parks using teams from multiple offices, transferring large-scale seismic data to compute farms on different continents and designing power tools collaboratively between teams in different countries.

The new controller series has 3 to 6 times the compute power of the current models. All models come with 1GB NIC ports, options for multiple 10GB NIC ports, out of band IPMI, redundant power and increased expandable capacity. The 5000 series also features support for up to 6PB of cloud storage per controller (with a requirement of only 60TB of local storage) and fast SSD cache support.

The new, expandable Panzura 5000 series controllers include:

  • 5500: Large office solution in either all SSD or hybrid configuration expandable within chassis and also with expansion shelf
  • 5300: Office solution expandable within chassis and also with expansion shelf
  • 5100: Branch-office solution expandable within chassis
  • 5000 Expansion Shelf: Provides extra capacity in either SSD or HDD for the 5300 and 5500 Controllers


Panzura 5000 series hybrid cloud storage controllers are available now. Panzura hybrid cloud storage software can be deployed on the 5000 series, or as a virtual machine (ESX), or controller running in AWS and Azure.

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