by Adam Armstrong

Panzura Releases Panzura Inside

At VMworld 2016 in Las Vegas, Panzura announced the release of its new program that combines Panzura’s hybrid cloud NAS software with leading flash arrays and hyperconverged systems, Panzura Inside. Inside will be able to deliver high performance storage for both block and file workloads. The Panzura Inside virtual controller is currently tested with Nimble, Nutanix, Tegile, and Simplivity.

Most data that exists is unstructured and it is still growing at, what some may say, an alarming rate. Almost all (90%) of this unstructured data has not been accessed in six months. Companies have been deploying two methods for tackling this growth in unstructured data: flash arrays and hyperconverged systems and public cloud storage. Panzura Inside combines these two methods.

Panzura Inside works by taking a virtual controller and deploying it beside either a flash array or on a hyperconverged system. Inside uses flash capacity from the array/system to cache active unstructured data. At the same time all of the unstructured data is moved to the cloud, the active data remains cached on the virtual controller. This caching and moving of data is automated and protected with 11 nines (99.99999999999%) of durability and redundant copies in multiple datacenters. Panzura claims that this method can allow companies to eliminate NAS or file servers as well as backup, DR, replication, and archiving infrastructure and operations at each location.


Panzura Inside Program virtual controllers are available now. Panzura’s patented software is also available on the recently announced 5000 series hybrid cloud controllers or as cloud controllers running in AWS and Azure for new cloud services including analytics, search, index and VDI-as-a-service.

Panzura Inside

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