by Adam Armstrong

Reduxio Launches Hybrid HX 550 System With BackDating

Today at VMworld 2015, Reduxio Systems launched its next generation hybrid flash storage system, the Reduxio HX 550. While the hybrid flash market is starting to get a bit crowded, Reduxio plans on distinguishing themselves by introducing a new technology along with their system, BackDating. Reduxio claims BackDating makes snapshots obsolete all the while simplifying deployment, management, and provisioning of storage.

The Reduxio HX 550 storage system is based on Reduxio’s TimeOS. TimeOS has a metadata architecture that tracks all I/O operations to the storage. This frees volumes form the bounds of physical storage. Combining their software with a hybrid array gives users the performance and capacity needed and enables applications to be recovered at the granularity of a single second.

Benefits of TimeOS include:

Nodup: the only real-time, in-line, global, always on deduplication and compression for hybrid storage, maximizing the memory cache and the flash tier, and minimizing overall data foot-print.

Tier-X: continuous and automatic block-level tiering that stores first on flash, and moves cold data to slower tiers.

BackDating: the ability to recover data infinitely to any second in the history of a volume, eliminating the need to plan, manage, or set snapshot schedules or consistency groups.


Reduxio systems are available now.

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