by Adam Armstrong

Seagate Announces Enhancements To Its AssuredSAN RealStor Family

Seagate Technology announced major enhancements its recently acquired AssuredSAN RealStor Family of hybrid and all-flash storage arrays. Seagate states that these new enhancements will enable OEMs to provide customers with greater options for cost-competitive, high-performance midrange enterprise-class storage. Seagate is also adding new features to their highest performing solution in the family, the RealStor 6004.

In the past we had a chance to review some of the AssuredSAN products when they were still under the Dot Hill label. Such as the AssuredSAN Ultra48 and the hybrid version of the same array. The arrays are good performers that are easy to use. As Dot Hill previous stated and now Seagate currently states, its RealStor product line delivers 99.999% availability, is cost-effective, and is ideal for high-performance computing, telecommunications data capture, oil and gas seismic data analysis, media streaming, video post-production and broadcasting.

All of the products feature RealStor operating system. The RealStor OS comes with multiple benefits such as its automatic teiring to increase performance of hybrid arrays to equal that of an all-flash array. Other advantages include: optimized thin provisioning, virtual snapshots, quick rebuild, and a caching feature that enables SSDs to become an extension of the controller cache.

Enhancements to the RealStor family include:

  • Greater Data Center Performance: New set of value-endurance SSDs delivers all flash-like performance with HDD-like capacity, marked by a 40 percent reduction in cost per IOPS and cost per VM.
  • Increased Data Center Versatility: Features simplified storage-array management. A new OpenStack Cinder Driver further reduces complexity and cost, while enabling organizations to take advantage of cloud storage.
  • Powerful, Easy Disaster Recovery: Includes new RealSpan asynchronous replication, as well as automated snapshots. Setup of RealSpan takes less than 15 minutes and delivers reliable replication to another array, whether 1 meter or 10,000 kilometers away. Additional storage snapshots can be scheduled and performed with zero performance degradation.

New updates and features to the RealStor 6004 include:

  • RealStor Operating System: This next-generation, real-time storage operating system enables autonomic tiering and other intelligent storage features for the enterprise-class 6004 arrays.
  • Increased Performance: Delivers double the transaction performance of the RealStor 4004.
  • New Interfaces: Offers fibre channel and iSCSI host support to enable broad data center connectivity for OEM customers. 


Both the software and hardware enhancements are available today.

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