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Seagate Enterprise SSDs and HDDs Updated

Seagate has announced several updates to their enterprise hard drive and SSD lines. The Pulsar.2 is an MLC NAND based SSD that offers capacities up to 800GB and the Pulsar XT.2 leverages SLC NAND to deliver Seagate's fastest drive speeds to date. On the hard drive front, the Savvio 15K.3 gets a capacity boost to 300GB while the Savvio 10K.5 goes up to 900GB, both in a 2.5" form factor. Seagate also updated the 3.5" Constellation ES.2, bumping it up to 3TB. 

Seagate Pulsar.2 and Pulsar XT.2

Seagate Pulsar XT.2 Solid State Drive

The Pulsar.2 SSD leverages cost effective MLC NAND, but still delivers enterprise capable performance and endurance. The Pulsar.2 can handle up to ten full drive writes per day or 15 petabytes over the life of the drive. The Pulsar.2 is available in a wide array of capacities and interfaces, supporting both 6Gb/s SAS and SATA 6Gb/s interfaces in 100GB, 200GB and 400GB capacities, and 6Gb/s SAS in an 800GB capacity. 

The Pulsar XT.2 is a 2.5-inch form factor SSD, leveraging SLC NAND and 6Gb/s SAS interface. The Pulsar XT.2 is available in 100GB, 200GB and 400GB capacities, with the latter being available with encryption. The Pulsar XT.2 takes over as the fastest drive in the Seagate portfolio, with sustainable random reads at 48K and writes at 22K IOPS and sequential reads at 360MB/sec and writes at 300MB/sec. The endurance numbers are also pretty robust - the Pulsar XT.2 supports over 35 full drive writes per day, or 25 petabytes written lifetime.

Both the Pulsar XT.2 and Pulsar.2 offer a 0.44% AFR and 2 million hour MTBF rating. 

The Pulsar XT.2 is currently shipping to OEMs; both units will be available beginning Q2 of this year.

Pulsar.2 Product Page

Pulsar XT.2 Product Page

Savvio 15K.3 and Savvio 10K.5

Savvio 10K.5 HDD

The Savvio 10K.5 hard drives are now available in 900GB, 600GB, 450GB and 300GB capacities, making them the largest available 2.5" enterprise hard drives, 300GB larger at the top capacity than the previous generation. The drives offer interface choices of 6Gb/s SAS or 4Gb Fibre Channel.

Savvio 15K.3 HDD

The Savvio 15K.3 offers capacities of 146GB and 300GB; both leveraging a 6Gb/s SAS interface and 15,000 RPM spin speed. The 15K.3 not only doubles capacity over the previous generation drives, but they also deliver up to 3% faster random read and up to 4% faster random write performance. 

The Savvio 10K.5 and Savvio 15K.3 both deliver a reliability rating of .44% AFR, 2 million hours MTBF and include a 5-year warranty. They also feature Protection Information for enhanced data integrity and a Self-Encrypting Drive (SED) option for the protection of data-at-rest.

Both Savvio models are currently shipping to OEMs, with channel availability for Savvio 10K.5 beginning Q1 and Savvio 15K.3 in Q2.

Savvio 10K.5 Product Page

Savvio 15K.3 Product Page

Constellation ES.2

Seagate Constellation ES.2 3TB HDD

In the 3.5" space, the Constellation ES.2 gets boosted to a 3TB capacity. The ES.2 features a 7,200 RPM spin speed, 64MB cache and 6Gb/s SAS interface with optional encryption. The Constellation ES.2 also introduces a new Seagate RAID Rebuild feature which helps to reduce the hours required for RAID recoveries.

The Constellation ES.2 3TB is currently shipping to OEMs and will be available in the channel Q2 this year.

Constellation ES.2 Product Page

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