by Adam Armstrong

Supermicro Launches 1U Ruler NVMe Server

Super Micro Computer, Inc. released both an NVMe 1U Superserver and NVMe 1U JBOF that support 32 hot-swap Intel “Ruler,” or EDSFF, form factor NVMe SSDs. The new server and JBOF are thermally-optimized to get the maximum density out of a 1U space. Leveraging up to 32 Intel SSD DC P4500 drives, customer can fit 256TB per 1U space in their data centers.

At the Flash Memory Summit last year, Intel introduced a new form factor in the form of a 12-inch "ruler" shape. The new form factor promised higher capacity, better cooling, and lower power needs. This biggest problem it faced was that there weren't any servers or arrays built to accommodate it. All of these advantages don't add up to much if there is no way to leverage them. Supermicro is the first vendor so far to create arrays and servers built to leverage the new form factor and reap their advantages.

Building off of the cooling features of the drive, Supermicro's new 1U solutions provide thermally-optimized, high-performance, all-flash storage at much greater density compared to previously offered storage solutions. Some users aren't yet willing to adopt the new ruler form factor. Noting this, Supermicro's new 1U solutions are also compatible with standard U.2 form factor drives. The new solutions disaggregate storage into shared pools making it ideal for Big Data analytics applications. Up to 12 hosts can be directly connected to the 1U pooled NVMe storage or hundreds in the case of an NVMe over Fabric (NVMeoF) solution.

These new systems are designed to maximize performance, consolidate storage, and result in lower TCO. In the coming year the company will be releasing a 1PB/1U solution. Along with the hot-swap ruler drives, the solutions also come with redundant hot-swap cooling fans and power supplies.

Supermicro 1U NVMe ruler solutions

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