by Adam Armstrong

Tegile Announces The GA Of IntelliFlash HD

During VMworld 2015 Tegile Systems announced its new all-flash storage array, IntelliFlash HD. Today Tegile is announcing that IntelliFlash HD is generally available worldwide. Tegile claims that IntelliFlash HD is the industry’s first flash storage platform that brings hyperscale performance and economics to enterprise data centers. Tegile is also announcing the release of its entry-level all-flash array, the T3500.

IntelliFlash HD is ideal for large data warehouses, analytic applications, big data processing, image processing, and large private clouds and is aimed at Fortune 1000 enterprise companies. IntelliFlash HD storage arrays can adapt to different media types in a single system and help companies consolidate their data centers making their system more simple and more cost-effective.

IntelliFlash HD is powered by IntelliFlash OS, the same operating system that powers all of Tegile's award-winning flash and hybrid arrays. IntelliFlash OS brings together several architectural innovations in flash management, data persistence, and data management allowing IntelliFlash HD to hit the levels of density and performance customers need. As far as performance, the IntelliFlash HD can hit up to 5 million IOPS and 10PB of effective capacity in a single rack at under 50 cents per effective GB.

Key features include:

  • Scalable Architecture: Future versions of IntelliFlash HD will have both scale up and scale out controllers for sustained low-latency and performance at high scale.
  • High Capacity Density: 512TB in 3RU space with SanDisk InfiniFlash dense flash enclosure, with max of 10PB effective capacity in a single 42U rack.
  • Sustained Performance: High throughput and sub-millisecond latency with a maximum of up to 5M IOPS in a single rack.
  • One Flash Platform: Supports high-performance flash, high-density flash, and hybrid-flash configurations in the same platform.
  • Comprehensive Data Services: Snapshots, clones, thin provisioning, inline deduplication and compression.
  • Affordable Disaster Recovery: Replicate between all-flash AND hybrid configurations


IntelliFlash HD and T3500 are generally available today.

Tegile IntelliFlash HD

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