by Adam Armstrong

Tegile Releases IntelliFlash Cloud Platform

Today at VMworld 2016, Tegile Systems announced the release of its all-flash rack-scale platform, IntelliFlash Cloud Platform (CP). Designed for Fortune 1000 enterprise companies, IntelliFlash CP is claimed as being able to deliver the cost savings of cloud architectures while also providing the reliability and control of on-premise storage solutions. IntelliFlash CP offers scale out functionality with multi-controller clusters and offers optimal performance by leveraging Non-Volatile Memory Express (NVMe).

As stated, IntelliFlash CP provides scale out abilities both horizontally and vertically by stitching together multiple controllers. These controllers will be shared across a global namespace while also having shared access to multiple grades of media, data will be intelligently placed on the media based on customers needs. Tegile claims that this will enable their customers to scale up to tens of petabytes of flash resulting in tremendous performance gains, all the while seeing better than public cloud pricing.

We have tested several NVMe devices and most in the industry are now familiar with the added performance benefits along with the dramatically lowered latency. Tegile will be using NVMe in its IntelliFlash CP to connect SSDs to the controller plane. The result will be reduced latency times that are ideal for use-cases where real-time access to data is needed. In fact, Tegile claims that this setup will result in memory-to-memory transfers nearly as fast as accessing local file storage.

Customers of IntelliFlash CP will also have access to Tegile’s IntelliCare. As we previously said, the purpose of Tegile’s IntelliCare customer care program is to maximize both the uptime and efficiency of customers’ storage arrays while decreasing time spent on storage administration. IntelliCare is also based on cloud-based analytics and is supported by a team of storage experts, enabling storage administrators to easily monitor the health, performance and usage of all Tegile storage arrays on their network. Tegile claims that users will be able to predict future requirements and detect incoming problems, the latter which allows them to stop imminent component and system failure before they are irreversible.


Tegile IntelliFlash Cloud Platform is expected to be generally available in the first quarter of 2017.

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