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Tegile Systems Announces Zebi HA2400 and Zebi HA2800 Flash Arrays

Tegile Systems has announced the HA2400 and HA2800, two new storage solutions in its Zebi family. This announcement also marks the release of updates to Tegile’s Metadata Accelerated Storage System (MASS) architecture, which separates metadata from the primary data path to power de-duplication, compression, RAID, and snapshot pointers functionality more efficiently than architectures which intermingle data and metadata.

According to Tegile benchmarks, the HA2400 and the HA2800 offer up to 75% capacity savings and accelerate I/O by up to seven times compared to conventional HDD storage arrays. The MASS architecture is designed to power storage arrays that can compete on price and performance with incumbents like NetApp by leveraging flash to raise the performance of near-line SAS hard disk drives to be competitive with high-RPM SAS and fibre channel drives.

MASS FlashVol technology allows administrators to pin volumes to SSD storage in order to allow applications to run at maximum performance without delays for caching algorithms or tiering polices. Both new arrays feature SAN connectivity via iSCSI and fibre channel along with NFS and CIFS NAS connectivity.

Zebi HA2400 Overview
Tegile’s HA2400 is designed to overcome HDD performance limitations for large-scale VDI projects. Featuring a multi-protocol hybrid array with de-duplication and compression that delivers up to 125,000 IOPS, the HA2400 enables organizations to scale the number of applications under management without having to linearly scale the storage spindle to desktop ratio.

Zebi HA2800 Overview
The Tegile Zebi HA2800 is a multi-protocol, all-flash array that can be placed in front of a pool of HDD storage. It can be augmented with a J2400 or J2800 expansion chassis to increase capacity up to 146TB. At raw capacity, the HA2800 reaches up to 200,000 IOPS and is priced at $2 per GB. After compression and deduplication, the HA2800 sells for as little as $1 per GB.

The Zebi HA2400 and HA2800 are now available. The HA2400 is priced at $168,389 and the HA2800 is priced at $235,152.

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