by Brian Beeler

Tegile Zebi Hybrid Storage Arrays Released

Stealth Startup Tegile Systems has publicly launched, announcing the availability of their Zebi hybrid storage arrays. The Zebi arrays are designed to accelerate applications up to five times while reducing storage capacity needs by up to 75%. Zebi is able to boast these gains thanks to on the fly de-dupe and compression, something Tegile feels is unique in this price range of $1/GB. Zebi also supports SAN and NAS environments and comes with snapshot and replication features. 

The Zebi arrays are available in single and dual controller configurations, powered by up to four Intel Xeon E5620 processors. The smallest single controller unit is housed in a 2U body, the rest are 3U. All Zebi arrays leverage the benefit of SSDs, ranging from 600GB to 1.2TB in capacity layered over up to 22TB of hard drive storage. Typical usable capacity with compression enabled is roughly 2X, with 3-5X usable capacity with compression and de-duplication enabled. 

Zebi uses Tegile’s underlying technology layer which includes Metadata Accelerated Storage System (MASS), and a no-single-point-of-failure architecture. MASS manages the system’s metadata on SSDs to accelerate all storage functions including random and sequential I/O, data de-duplication, compression, snapshots, and RAID rebuilds.

Pricing and Availability

Zebi hybrid storage arrays are available now starting at $16,000. 

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