by Brian Beeler

Toshiba Closes OCZ Acquisition

In early December OCZ Technology filed for bankruptcy and at the same time announced plans by Toshiba to acquire OCZ's key storage assets including its engineering team and controller technology. Toshiba had previously worked to supply NAND for OCZ's SSDs, a deeper pairing made sense given the strengths of each company. Toshiba owns fabs and can create NAND; OCZ has a reputable SSD controller and better distribution channels for storage products globally. Tonight Toshiba Corporation announced that the company "has finalized the purchase of substantially all assets of OCZ Technology Group, making it a wholly owned subsidiary and Toshiba Group Company." Going forward the former OCZ will operate independently as OCZ Storage Solutions, a Toshiba Group Company.

The new OCZ Storage Solutions portfolio fills many gaps for Toshiba, whose core strength is in 2.5" enterprise hard drive, and to a lesser extent SSD, solutions. Toshiba has limited exposure to the client SSD space where OCZ excels, and does not offer flash solutions targeting the high throughput PCIe space. OCA also supplements the Toshiba portfolio with software solutions and other acceleration products like ZD-XL. Of course the core benefit to the OCZ products is the immediate access to Toshiba NAND and engineering talent, which should derive both performance and economies of scale gains (lower retail prices).

OCZ Storage Solutions will remain based in San Jose, California, with strategic design centers located in Irvine, California, Tel Aviv, Israel, and Abingdon, UK.

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