by Adam Armstrong

Total Data Market To Nearly Double By 2019

451 Research announced that they see a significant increase in revenue growth for the Total Data Market. According to a new market sizing and forecasting service from 451 Research, the total data market (including platforms, management, and analytics) will nearly double in size and hit $115 billion by 2019.

At the end of last year, the total data market was $60 billion dollars. The market consists of data platforms, data management, analytics, and data mining. With the increasing focus on Big Data, companies will adopt new technology to address unstructured data in addition to existing structured data processing and analytics technologies. 451 Research’s forecast predicts the market will nearly double to $115 billion by 2019.

The nine market segments included in the analysis were Operational Databases, Analytic Databases, Reporting and Analytics, Data Management, Performance Management, Event/Stream Processing, Distributed Data Grid/Cache, Hadoop, and Search-Based Data Platforms and Analytics. The analysis focused on these nine market segments with 202 vendors participating. The Operational Databases vendors generate most of the total revenue, followed by Reporting and Analytics and Analytic Databases. The rest of the segments combined contribute to less than $1 billion in revenue.

The analysis also showed that small startups in emerging sectors are growing at the fastest rate. However the research points to the incumbent providers in established markets to contribute the most value in the coming years.

An overview of 451 Research forecast

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