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Veritas Releases Study Results On Data Management Along With Product Announcements

Today Veritas released their inaugural Data Genomics Index. This study is what Veritas is calling the “first accurate view of the composition of enterprise data.” The study was performed with Veritas’ extensive customer base of 50,000 enterprise customers worldwide, including 86% of the global Fortune 500, and analyzing tens of billions of files. Veritas is also announcing two new products, Enterprise Vault 12 and Data Insight 5.1.

The Data Genomics Index looks at how enterprises are managing their data and serves as a comparison standard. The study looks at real environments from the file type composition; to the average age distribution to the size proportions of their individual files and can serve as a research benchmark. Veritas believes that the insights from this study can help organizations to adjust the data management to save costs and use data more intelligently. Key finding include:

  • Over 40% of the data hasn’t been accessed in 3 years. In some instances there are regulatory or compliance requirements issues, however in most cases business can see savings from managing this data differently.
  • Developer files and compressed files, developer files making up 20% of the overall total, take up almost one-third of the total environment.
  • Presentation files such as PowerPoint have declined nearly 500% in the last ten years.
  • The study found that in the fall more files are created including an increase of 91% more text files, 48% more spreadsheets, and 89% more geographic and information system files.
  • There is a significant amount of orphan data (data with no attributed owner) taking up space and resources. The study found that this orphan data is content rich (videos, images and presentations) and can be a risk to leave unattended.

Through the results of the study Veritas believes that companies can save tremendously on costs with minor adjustments to how they store and mange their data. Finding stale files such as presentations, spreadsheets and documents as well as videos and images can be costly and make good candidates for archiving, deletion or migration. An example Veritas gives is that in a 10PB environment focusing on archiving stale presentations, documents, spreadsheets and text files, could return as much as $2 million a year in storage savings.

Veritas is also announcing a research initiative to help organizations understand the true nature of the unstructured data that they create, store, and manage on a daily basis, the Data Genomics Project. The Data Genomics Index will be the first contribution to this new initative. This project will help organizations all over the world as they struggle with the demands of ever growing data and its management. Veritas is a founding member and contributor but states that the project will remain commercially separate from the business.

Veritas is also announcing innovations to its Enterprise Vault 12 and Data Insight 5.1. Enterprise Vault 12 gives companies a centralized, high-performance, highly flexible classification framework that simplifies identifying meaningful or regulated information while deleting the non-essential. Vault 12 uses Veritas’ patent-pending technology to automatically classify ingested content including emails, files, SharePoint, instant messaging, and social media. It can also be used to re-classify already archived data.

New capabilities include:

  • Intelligent Review – streamlines supervision of archived content by prioritizing relevant items for review and culling non-relevant items utilizing a continuously learning engine.
  • Gated Deletion – improves compliance by ensuring archived information is deleted only if it meets current retention policies. Organizations can now perform a policy check before expiration or user deletion.
  • Image OCR (optical character recognition) – enables search and discovery of archived images by extracting embedded text from images for indexing and classification.
  • Enterprise Vault Search – simplifies and speeds access to archived information with a new enhanced, intuitive interface.

The latest version of Data Insight, 5.1, introduces support for Box helping organizations to further discover sensitive information in their enterprise. It also offers enhanced remediation workflows to make access and permissions changes as automated and repeatable as possible, with easy access via a self-service portal.


Enterprise Vault 12 and Data Insight 5.1 are available now.

Data Genomics Index Full Report (PDF)

Enterprise Vault 12

Data Insight

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