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VMware Unveils EVO: RAIL

Today at VMworld, VMware Inc. introduced their new hyper-converged infrastructure appliance, VMware EVO: RAIL. EVO: RAIL will help customers streamline the deployment and scale-out of software-defined IT infrastructure. VMware EVO: RAIL is the first solution in a family of hyper-converged infrastructure offerings from VMware.

"From power-on to Virtual Machines in minutes," EVO: RAIL is designed to dramatically simplify delivery and deployment of software-defined infrastructures in a rapid and repeatable manner, as well as simplifying configuration, on-going management, patching, and upgrading of software (with zero-downtime and automatic discovery of any new appliance added). Along with the simplification of deployment and management, EVO: RAIL will allow customers to reducing operating expenses by fast time-to-value resulting in VMs in minutes, automatic scale out of EVO: RAIL appliances, and simple VM lifecycle management.

EVO: RAIL features a 100% integrated software stack including: VMware vSphere, VMware Virtual SAN, VMware vCenter Log Insight, and the new EVO: RAIL engine. The software stack will be optimized for a 2U/4-Node hardware platform and will enable customers to scale out to 16 nodes (in this initial release) as business and IT infrastructure needs grow. A single appliance supports roughly 100 general purpose VMs or 250 virtual desktop VMs and features Virtual SAN datastore with a capacity or approximately 13TB (depending on the partner system). EVO: RAIL will scale linearly, offering customers predictability in design, performance, and in cost.

VMware EVO: RAIL is aimed at use cases mid-market and enterprise segments, with Virtual SAN as key enabling software, it is ideal for VDI and remote/branch office for financial services, federal, healthcare, higher education, insurance, oil, gas, and retail. The appliance can co-exist with customers' VMware vSphere environments.

Availability and pricing

VMware EVO: RAIL is expected to be available in the second half of 2014. VMware is working in conjunction with Dell, EMC, Fujitsu, Inspur, Net One Systems Co. and Supermicro to streamline the purchase and deployment of EVO: RAIL. Pricing will be provided by VMware EVO: RAIL partners.

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