by Adam Armstrong

VMware Updates Compatibility Guide With Ready Nodes

Today VMware updated their compatibility guide for VSAN with an emphasis on “ready nodes.”  Previously if users wanted to check compatibility they would have to select individual components or a limited selection of ready nodes. This update should streamline the whole process into just a handful of clicks. Along with the focus on ready nodes, VMware has added to and rebranded its ready node profiles as well.

The new compatibility guide for VSAN enables users choose options such as all-flash or hybrid, the supported release, the vendor, and the profile. The profile option has dropped the old profile brands, that listed low, medium, and high for hybrid and all-flash, and replaced them with numbered series that indicates a similar principal with a new option between the low and the medium profile. The new option was added for customers that didn't quite need everything that come with the HY-6, including the price.

Old Name New Name
Hybrid Server Low HY-2
*new* HY-4
Hybrid Server Medium HY-6
Hybrid Server High HY-8
Hybrid VDI Linked Clones HY-8
Hybrid VDI Full Clones HY-8
All Flash Server Medium AF-6
All Flash Server High AF-8
AF VDI Linked Clones AF-8
AF VDI Full Clones AF-8


The specifications can still be found through the compatibility portal (a PDF is generated with the configuration requirements). An example is listed below. Users still have the option to customer configure their components if they so choose. 

MODEL CPU / MEM STORAGE CAP Perfromance VMs/node
HY-2 1 x 6 core / 32GB 2TB 4K IOPS Up to 20
HY-4 2 x 8 core / 128GB 4TB 10K IOPS Up to 30
HY-6 2 x 10 core / 256GB 8TB 20K IOPS Up to 50
HY-8 2 x 12 core / 348GB 12TB 40K IOPS Up to 100
AF-6 2x12 core / 256GB 8TB 50K IOPS Up to 60
AF-8 2x12 core / 348GB 12TB 80K IOPS Up to 120

VMware Compatibility Guide

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