by Josh Shaman

WD Arkeia Fourth Generation Appliances Announced

WD is announcing its fourth generation Arkeia appliances which are backup and recovery solutions designed for SMBs that feature updated WD Arkeia 10.1 software. New in the v10.1 software is seed and feed technology that supports hybrid cloud backups so that organizations can move backups offsite via replication instead of shipping tapes. On top of that, the new appliances are composed of four rack-mount appliances that now feature greater memory and internal disk capacities, faster processors and integrated SSDs for maximum performance in backup and recovery. Select appliances can also be bundled with optional tape drives for even greater integration configurations and maximum ROI.

The new fourth-generation appliances offer a doubled maximum capacity at 48TB configured in RAID 6 versus 24TB on the previous generation. SMBs can also buy appliances with optional SSDs, integrated LTO-5 tape drives, up to 96GB of memory, and a maximum of two hex-core Intel Xeon processors. The memory at up to 96GB can really drive performance as WD Arkeia's Progressive Deduplication drives backups by compressing data at source computers before it's transferred over LANSs or WANs. Also pushing performance, the new appliances feature HDDs that we've recently reviewed in the form of WD Re drives.

The third-generation WD Arkeia R120s and R220s can both be optioned with LTO4 tape drives and the R120 features the dual-core Atom processor while the R220 utilizes the quad-core Xeon processor. Currently available appliances will continue to be offered from 2TB to 12TB, and will now also be available with WD Arkeia v10.1 software.

Pricing and Availability

WD Arkeia fourth generation network backup appliances – RA4300, RA4300T, RA5300, RA6300 – will be available in July 2013 through select DMR’s VARs. The MSRP including hardware and software begins at $9,990. WD Arkeia appliances also ship with one year of unlimited access to tech support, one year of software updates, and a one-year limited hardware warranty.

WD Arkeia Fourth Generation Appliances 

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