by Josh Shaman

Imation RDX Media Secure Update and Retrospect 8 Inclusion Announced

Imation is announcing the newest version of RDX Media Secure client software, and that it will now include Retrospect 8 backup software with its RDX Removable HDD Storage Systems. The new Imation RDX Media Secure software upgrades center around improving usability, while the Retrospect 8 inclusion protects organizations from losing critical data on their servers, desktops and notebooks. The Imation RDX storage media and docks are a viable alternative to tape storage solutions and conventional external hard drives used for backup purposes. They feature rugged designs and are engineered to meet the needs of SMBs that need solid performance coupled with cost-efficiency. Several major OEMs had adopted RDX technology including: Dell, HP, Hitachi, and Toshiba.

Retrospect 8 supports the newest versions of Microsoft operating systems (including Windows Server 2012 and Windows 8), and it enables organizations to more efficiently utilize their RDX media. With it, users can perform cartridge spanning for single-job backup, and they can scale to essentially limitless capacity with the purchase of relatively inexpensive RDX catridges, which range up to 1.5TB in capacity and feature encryption as an option. Retrospect removes the need for full backups and enables automatic backups, simplifying the usability for those SMBs that don't have a dedicated IT staff. The software also includes automatic file-level deduplication.

Imation's RDX Media is the first to ship with pre-stored software encryption and cryptographic erase capability. This ensures that backup and recovery is secure, as well as protecting data archiving. It also makes sure organizations can meet compliance requirements. The process for activating the encryption is simple, and from there, encryption is automatic (which we detailed in our review). 

Imation Media Secure is powered by Imation CyberSafe Pro Technology, which is a security architecture designed to ensure safety, privacy and control of digital content. It integrates encryption, identity and authentication, key management solutions and unified security policies into storage offerings. The newest version improves RDX Media Secure drives' usability and performance.


Imation RDX technology is currently available through channel partners. Retrospect 8 is free with new Imation RDX docks, and the new version of RDX Media Secure is available for download by RDX Media Secure customers. RDX Media Secure cartridges are available in four capacities – 320GB, 500GB, 1TB and 1.5TB.

Imation RDX Media Secure

Retrospect 8

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