by Mark Kidd

Nexenta Expands into VDI with NexentaVSA for View

Nexenta has announced the upcoming release of NexentaVSA for View, expanding Nexenta’s ZFS-based OpenStorage offerings into the virtualized desktop market. NexentaVSA for View uses the ZFS file system with commodity hardware to reduce management and storage costs associated with VDI. This announcement concludes a three-month NexentaVSA beta program which saw testers gain up to 10X reduction in the time taken to deploy new virtual Windows desktops.

In a Nexenta survey of 208 IT managers conducted on a VMware online vForum and through Storage Newsletter, 44 percent indicated they were using or piloting VDI while another 36 percent said VDI was too complex to deploy. 19 percent of respondents said VDI costs were prohibitive, and 12 percent said VDI was too difficult to manage and scale.

NexentaVSA for View Key Features

  • VDI Provisioning, Configuration and Tuning: The NexentaVSA for View user interface guides administrators through VDI deployment, benchmarking, calibration and reconfiguration.
  • Automated Configuration: NexentaVSA for View enables out-of-the-box VDI deployments and automates configuring and rebalancing the desktop infrastructure.
  • Performance Visibility: End-to-end benchmarks measure performance from the client to storage devices.
  • Calibration and Analytics: NexentaVSA for View automatically modifies configurations based on prespecified criteria.
  • Low-Cost Performance Features: Nexenta VSA for View simplifies deployment of commodity storage as Hybrid Storage Pools and accelerates write-sensitive VDI performance.

NexentaVSA for View will be available for download in early June.

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