by Mark Kidd

Riverbed Launches New Whitewater Cloud Storage Appliances and WWOS Operating System

Riverbed Technology has announced new hardware and an updated operating system for its Whitewater family of cloud storage appliances. The new appliances incorporate up to three times the cache of existing Whitewater models and can manage up to 14.4 petabyte datasets, while the new Whitewater Operating System (WWOS) 3.0 allows pinning data to the local cache and pairwise replication that replicates to additional Whitewater appliances at a secondary location. The new Whitewater appliances also bring 10 gigabit networking to the platform.

The WWOS updates increase the options for integrating with cloud storage providers for backup and archiving. Used in conjunction with data services such as Amazon Glacier, Whitewater appliances can support both local data recovery and more affordable cloud-based recovery in order to meet a wider variety of recovery time objectives through this integrated solution. WWOS 3.0 also brings new integration with Amazon GovCloud and Savvis Cloud Storage.

New data pinning support in WWOS 3.0 locks selected datasets in the local cache, with changes to the pinned data replicated to peer and cloud storage. Pairwise replication allows a Whitewater appliance to recover at disk speed to a secondary site. The three new appliances (730, 2030, 3030) provide between 8 and 96TB of cache, with the WWA-3030 supporting datasets up to 14.4 petabytes before data is compressed and deduplicated to the local cache. The new appliance offerings also add 10 gigabit networking interfaces, which according to Riverbed can provide up to 2.5 terabytes per hour of ingest performance.


The Whitewater 730, 2030, 3030 appliances are generally available now. The WW0S 3.0 operating system is available now as a free upgrade for existing Whitewater customers under a support agreement.

Whitewater cloud storage appliance family

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