by Adam Armstrong

AWS EC2 Dedicated Hosts Now Available

Amazon Web Services has announced that is Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) now has dedicated hosts. Amazon announced last month that this feature would be coming to AWS soon. With EC2 Dedicated Hosts users will be able to control the mapping of their EC2 instances to the underlying physical servers.

Some companies are looking to migrate their existing environment to AWS. However they have volume licenses for software that has to be used on a specific server for a set amount of time or with a certain number of sockets or physical cores. AWS wants their customers to get the most out of these licenses by allowing customers to use their physical server as a Dedicated Host while launching one or more EC2 instances on said server.

AWS states that not only will customers be able to reduce costs, they will also be able to meet stringent compliance and regulatory requirements, some of which require control and visibility over instance placement at the physical host level. Users will also be able to track usage with AWS Config for verifying licensing metrics.

Availability and pricing

EC2 Dedicated Hosts are available now and customers can start using them immediately and starts as low as $1.85/hour

Amazon EC2 Dedicated Hosts

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