by Lyle Smith

Barracuda Backup Vx Announced

Barracuda has announced Barracuda Backup Vx, the company’s new deployment option for Barracuda Backup. Designed specifically for organizations looking to reduce onsite hardware through virtualization, Vx uses both inline target-based deduplication and compression to decrease storage and bandwidth requirements. It can also easily scale storage as a company’s data grows, which helps remove the need for major upgrades. Barracuda will demonstrate its data protection technology, as well as its products that compliment VMware vCloud Air, at this year’s VMworld. 

Barracuda Backup Vx offers two different options for customers’ offsite replication: either replicate to the Barracuda Cloud or replicate to a Barracuda Backup Receiver Vx hosted on their own infrastructure. For more information or to try Barracuda Backup Vx, visit:

Pricing and Availability

Barracuda Backup Vx is currently in early availability while general availability slated for a release in October. Starting list price is $2,250 per TB of protected data.

Barracuda Backup Vx

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