by Adam Armstrong

D2iQ Introduces Kommander

D2iQ, formally Mesosphere, announced the release of its new product aimed at delivering federated multi-cluster management and governance across disparate clusters for any on-premise or cloud Kubernetes distribution, Kommander. According to D2iQ, Kommander provides unified lifecycle management, observability, and configuration management across an organization’s Kubernetes clusters, enabling successful Day 2 operations for enterprises around the globe. D2iQ makes this announcement as we go into KubeCon this week.

Kubernetes has been widely popular since it was announced in 2015. Since its release it has seen wide and quick adoption across the board. However, many of the touted benefits tend to overlook issues that are still present when leveraging the technology. In order to deal with these arising challenges D2iQ has released Kommander. Kommander provides role-based visibility and unified operational control for a wide variety of in-the-cloud and on-premises Kubernetes distributions, including D2iQ’s Konvoy. Kommander also enables multi-cluster governance and centralized supervision without interfering with the day-to-day business functions and individual team requirements that different clusters support.

Features include:

  • Multi-Cluster UI: With scalability, multi-cluster management and detailed insights across any Kubernetes clusters, Kommander provides visibility and control for multiple Konvoy and non-Konvoy clusters, including cloud, on-premise and hybrid environments. 
  • Automatic Lifecycle Management: Kommander’s centralized management enables organizations to ascertain which cluster needs to upgrade or deploy so that there is a consistent upgrade policy, deployment policy and security within a single pane of glass.
  • Multi-Cluster Configuration and Policy Management: Kommander provides federated management empowering the organization to deliver standardized configuration and policy across clusters while ensuring delegated responsibilities to lines-of-business and development teams as required.
  • Secure Governance: Kommander ensures a more secure operational environment by empowering the organization to deliver a sanctioned catalog of cloud native services, to manage delivery location of application services, and to govern secure access to these services.

D2iQ gave a teaser of a future companion for Kommander called Dispatch. Dispatch is a service that delivers full lifecycle continuous integration / continuous deployment (CI/CD) capabilities and is stated to simplify and accelerate deployment of new code, reducing time to value for developers and saving precious cycles from already burdened or scarce resources.


D2iQ Kommander is available now.

D2iQ Kommander

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