by Adam Armstrong

Dell Introduces New Solutions To Maximize Performance In Microsoft Business Environments

Today at Microsoft Unite, Dell Inc. introduced a series of new solutions that are aimed at increasing performance and productivity in Microsoft business environments. Dell is introducing Dell Appliance for Wyse – vWorkspace, a desktop virtualization appliance, Migration Manager for Enterprise Social, to centralizes social media user collaboration, and Dell is announcing that its PowerEdge R930 server is able to run Microsoft workloads with ease. These new solutions will help customers securely and effectively access Windows applications, easily access and manage virtual desktops, manage social networks, and improve productivity.

Dell Appliance for Wyse – vWorkspace

Though Dell’s Appliance for Wyse – vWorkspace isn’t exactly new (version 8.5 was announced in December of last year), this version is aimed at delivering Windows applications (such as Excel or PowerPoint) to a variety of endpoints, including Wyse thin clients and Chrome OS devices, such as Chromebooks. This give small to medium businesses and school districts an easy to manage and cost-effective VDI solution. No specialized IT staff needed for management and no client software needs to be installed on the endpoint.

Benefits and features include:

  • Easy to plan and deploy: The pre-configured appliance makes purchasing easy with fast and easy deployment. All VDI software is pre-installed; deployment simply consists of installing the unit, connecting to power and network connections, and powering on.
  • Easy to manage: Wyse vWorkspace can be managed by IT generalists with end-user administration skills and experience with Microsoft environments, minimizing IT operating costs and complexities.
  • Power and reliability: Built on Dell’s best-selling PowerEdge R730 or T630 13G servers with optimal reliability and performance and backed by Dell ProSupport services.
  • Access to Windows applications: End users can access Windows applications natively, including Microsoft Office products, with an HTML5 browser-capable device such as a Chromebook.
  • End-to-end solutions: Compatible with a variety of Dell endpoints, including Wyse thin clients and Dell Chromebooks.
  • Value designed for small business and education: One appliance can deliver Windows applications to up to 350 devices starting at $180 per user for the server hardware and licenses, hypervisor and vWorkspace broker.

Migration Manager for Enterprise Social

The first social migration solution, Migration Manager for Enterprise Social (MMES), supports customers managing content in multiple enterprise social platforms across their organizations. In its first release, MMES support integration between Yammer and Jive.

Dell PowerEdge R930 for Microsoft workloads

Dell recently announced the R930 and claims that it is its most powerful server yet. As we said it has 72 cores 96 DIMM slots, 6TB of memory, 24 2.5” drives (either HDD or SSD) uses Intel Xeon E7-8800/4800 v3 family of processors, and supports up to 8 Express Flash NVMe PCIe SSDs, this time up to 3.2TB capacity. The new server is specifically designed for the most demanding enterprise applications including Microsoft Dynamics, Microsoft SQL and Microsoft Lync.

Availability and pricing

Dell Appliance for Wyse – vWorkstation will be available this summer and starts at $180 per user. Migration Manager is available now. And PowerEdge R930 is expected to be available later this year.

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