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EMC Makes Several Announcements In Conjunction With Oracle Open World

​EMC Corp. has made several announcements in conjunction with Oracle Open World. These announcements include: a new VNXe-Based VSPEX Architecture for Oracle 12c customers, tests results showing how EMC XtremIO redefines simplicity and agility for Oracle DBAs, and deeper integration with Oracle 12c through a number of plug-ins and projects.

New VNXe-Based VSPEX Architecture for Oracle 12c – this new solution is specially designed for customers that want to deploy a virtualized Oracle 12c database on EMC's VNXe technology and VMware's vSphere. The solution will simplify deployments, provide predictable performance, and give customers the flexibility of choosing their preferred server, networking, and backup/recovery technologies. The VSPEX solution for Oracle 11g proved that it could simplify deployments and has received rave reviews from some of its customers.

EMC XtremIO redefines simplicity and agility for Oracle DBAs – EMC performed both internal tests as well as third-party audited tests of its XtremIO all-flash-array. The test showed that the XtremIO had better and predictable performance than other all-flash-arrays, showing that "a six X-Brick XtremIO configuration can scale linearly to deliver over 1M OLTP IOPS with <1 millisecond latency regardless of Oracle workload profile." EMC also has documented a detailed solution showing how XtremIO delivers more consistent performance with ~80% more database I/O and ~3X to 30X reduction in latency.

XtremIO can also give DBAs greater consolidation and agility by combining with VMware integration, using its inline deduplication combined with in-memory metadata of XtremIO to allow VM clones processes of Oracle databases to be offloaded from the host. The clones are fingerprinted in memory and compressed inline allowing for more copies and capacity.

The testing included a core production of a Oracle 12c database and cloned the database while workloads ran. The results showed that DBAs can provision: one multi-terabyte VM in minutes, 17 different sized VMs in seconds, and 50 x 50 GB VMs—each new VM provisioned in seconds. 

Deeper integration with Oracle 12c – though Oracle 12c includes dozens of new features improve efficiency, performance, and availability, EMC and Oracle have partnered on deeper integration to provide DBAs with even more speed in provisioning and less time spent dealing with data corruption. The EMC Storage Integrator for Oracle VM is a plug-in that enables Oracle VM to discover and provision EMC VMAX & VNX storage arrays using the Oracle Storage Connect framework. The two companies have also collaborated on a project that enable Oracle Multitenant databases to be created, destroyed, and managed using the underlying snapshot capabilities of VMAX and VNX (the snapshots can be created in minutes versus hours or days), rapidly creating space efficient clones of large databases. And a joint effort by EMC, Emulex, and Oracle has created an end-to-end data integrity solution mitigating episodes of data corruption by supporting the T10 Protection Information Standard.

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