by Adam Armstrong

HPE ProLiant With AMD EPYC Rome Breaks Several World Records

Today Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) announced that with an HPE ProLiant DL 325 and an HPE ProLiant DL385 equipped with the new AMD EPYC processors, it was able to hit 37 world records in benchmark results. Obviously, with this announcement, HPE is also clearly stating its support for the new AMD EYPC Rome 7002 processors. HPE states that it will triple the number of AMD EPYC equipped products in its portfolio over the next 18 months. 

HPE AMD EPYC Rome Server

Breaking a record can be as simple as getting past the previously established numbers. HPE didn’t just move past existing records, it shattered them. For database virtualization, the DL325 and DL385 blew past the old record by 321%. In Power efficiency, the EPYC equipped server beat the previous record by 28%. Numbers like these are sure to get the attention of any organizations looking to improve virtualization, cloud, enterprise infrastructure and data-intensive workloads.

Looking a bit deeper at some of the results, first up is virtualization. Virtualization is nearly omnipresent in the enterprise. While it drives operation costs down, it can raise server resource utilization. An HPE ProLiant DL385 with two second generation AMD EPYC processors was able to beat the previous virtualization world record by 61% in performance and have a 29% better price-to-performance ratio. As stated above, in database virtualization, an HPE ProLiant DL325 beat the previous record by 321%. This massive performance improvement can increase efficiency even further by running more workloads, faster, on fewer servers. 

Data analytics is huge now as it can improve business operations, transform customer experience, and potentially find new revenue streams. The biggest issue with analyzing data comes from the requirement of processing, memory, and I/O capacity. For the in-memory data analytics on Apache Hadoop, an HPE ProLiant DL325 with a single 2nd Gen AMD EPYC processor beat the 10TB scaling Factor by 38% and the 30TB Scaling Factor by 37%. The DL325 also had a 30% better price-to-performance advantage. 

One other area that is a concern around the world is energy consumption. Data centers use massive amounts of energy and more and more are being built everyday. According to HPE, its new ProLiant DL385 with the second generation AMD EPYC is the world’s most power efficient two-processor server, driving server efficiency up 28 percent compared to the previous industry leader.

HPE world-record benchmark results

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