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Intel Announces New IoT Platform

Intel has unveiled a new Intel IoT Platform reference architecture and new hardware and software products as part of their comprehensive portfolio of solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT) marketplace. As such, the new platform consists of two reference architectures, as well as products from Intel and its ecosystem, indicating that it will address the IoT opportunity. These include new Intel Quark processors for IoT, free operating systems with a comprehensive cloud suite from Wind River, and analytics capabilities. Intel previously made a series of announcements around products that focused on IoT back in August at the company’s Developer Forum in San Francisco.

The new Intel IoT Platform reference architecture for smart and connected provides a catalyst for innovations, allowing for faster time to market. It achieves this by reducing its complexity and defining just how smart devices will securely connect and share trusted data to the cloud.

Intel's Quark processors for IoT offer low-power silicon for intelligent things. The Intel Quark SE SoC and Intel Quark microcontroller D1000 and D2000 are equipped with energy efficient and powerful processing and provide extended temperature for resource-heavy environments as well as guaranteed long life reliability. The Intel Quark SE SoC for IoT are also equipped with an integrated sensor hub and pattern matching technology, which gives users real-time insights from complex sensor data.

Wind River’s new solution offers makers and commercial developers a more simplified method as well as an accelerated IoT application and device development, indicating that they can start building applications within just 10 minutes. It comes with free cloud-connected multi-architecture operating systems, Wind River Rocket and Wind River Pulsar Linux, and a feature-rich cloud suite of SaaS products.

Intel adds that this new solution opens IoT device development to a large array of people and businesses who want to take part in IoT. Additionally, it gives their customers the ability to commercialize, allowing them to start from experimentation to development, all the way to full commercial deployments.

A vital part of the new Intel IoT Platform is the Trusted Analytics Platform (TAP). This helps make data “actionable” and integrated in an end-to-end IoT solution. Intel indicates that it is designed for developers and data scientists, making it an ideal platform for all kinds of industries including healthcare, retail and industrial. In addition, TAP integrates with the Intel IoT Platform reference architecture for data management, protocol abstraction, workload distribution and compute.


Intel Quark microcontroller D1000 is now available, while the Intel Quark microcontroller D2000 is slated for a release by the end of 2015. The Intel Quark SE SoC for IoT will be available in the first half of 2016.

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