by Adam Armstrong

Kaminario Triples Customer Bookings In Second Quarter Following Launch Of K2 v5

Kaminario has announced unprecedented growth following the launch of their fifth-generation all-flash K2 array, just three months ago. In the second quarter, Kaminario achieved almost three times as many bookings as the previous year, all the while continuing its 100% customer satisfaction rate. Of their current customers, 80% have chosen to expand after their initial purchase.

According to 451 Research, the all-flash market is growing at a 42% compound annual growth rate, with expectation of growth from $580 million in 2013 to $3.4 billion by 2018. The research also states that 25% of all enterprises are reporting planned all-flash array projects. As the all-flash market grows, Kaminario is well positioned to continue succeed in the field with their solution that is specifically built to address the needs of modern data center.

In the three months from the launch of the fifth-generation K2, Kaminario has been rapidly adding new customers (60% bookings from new customers and 40% from existing), from multiple industries including a hedge fund provider, federal agency, university, and a leading provider of transportation management software. Kaminario has also increased its hiring, seeing a 25% increase in headcount from quarter to quarter, a grow it expects to maintain.

The big battle that remains to be played out is to see how well traditional storage vendors respond. HP and Dell have both launched low-cost versions of their enterprise gear with SSD-only configurations, meant to protect unit sales from AFA startups. Kaminario's most visible competitors Pure Storage and EMC XtremIO, have also recently widened their offerings/services to appeal to a more broad market. For their part, Kaminario continues to differentiate themselves by offering aggressive price points per usable GB, and the flexibility to scale out and up as customer demands require. 

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